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I am a part-time Lecturer in Games Audio, currently leading delivery of CMP407: Audio Programming, and teaching the Term 3 iteration of DES508: Game Development, Promotion and Marketing with Dr. Jung In Jung.

My research interests are focused on the topic of Game Design as Play: creating games as a playful activity in itself, focusing not on some polished and fixed end result, but on the participants' interactions as they are simultaneously making and playing their game(s).

I completed my undergraduate degree in Electronics with Music at the University of Glasgow, followed by a Masters in Music Technology and a subsequent PhD in Music Technology, both also from the University of Glasgow.

Outside of my work at Abertay I am an artist and independent game developer, working as part of Biome Collective. A full list of my non-academic work can be found on my personal website.

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  • CMP407 - Audio Programming: A broad introduction to audio programming in a games context. The module covers topics from the high level (how sound works, game audio middleware, etc.), to the low level (how to code audio effects, synthesizers, etc.). I am module lead for this module.
  • DES508 - Game Development, Promotion and Marketing: A 40-credit Masters-level module, students work in a team to both create a videogame and develop a promotion and marketing strategy for that game. DES508 runs in both Term 1 and Term 3; I am module lead for the Term 3 iteration, teaching the module with Dr. Jung In Jung.
  • ART405 - Honours Project Proposal and Development: A student-led practical project accompanied by a thesis. I am a student supervisor on this module.

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  • Playing Along: An interactive talk on game design, presented in collaboration with Yann Seznec. Presented at Continue Edinburgh 2018 and BFI Video Games Day 2018.
  • Generation ZX(X): An event organised by Dr Mona Bozdog in 2018. The event celebrated the Timex factory where ZX Spectrums were made, and the women who made them. I contributed the game Breaking Out of the Frame. The Generation ZX(X) games were also exhibited at the opening ceremony for the V&A Dundee.

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