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Euan Dempster BSc Hons, PhD, PG-Cert Ed. A graduate in Computer Science from the Heriot-Watt University, I gained my doctorate in the field of performance prediction in parallel databases. I started my academic life late after careers in the merchant navy and as a boiler commissioning engineer. I joined the School of Arts, Media and Computer Games at the University of Abertay in 2006.

I am the programme tutor for the MSc in Computer Games Technology. Teaching responsibilities lie in the School of Design and Informatics and focus on the development of inter-disciplinary teams and the integration of professional skills, attitudes and practices into undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and learning. 


DES101 - Developing Game Concepts
DES203 - Interactive Media Production
CMP401 - Honours Project Proposal Workshops


DES502 - Game Design and Development
CMP504 - Masters Project

My principal research interests lie in development, design, production and management within the creative industries.

I have supervised masters projects; using AI to improve NPC behaviour using fuzzy logic, classifiers and expert systems; using mobile gaming as part of an on-line study package; a tool to assist animators, using surface technology in games. 
Currently interested in using games in the assessment of students. The development of games for learning is also an area that I would like to research further, as well as combining learning games with assessment and the use of metrics in game design.
Currently supervising a PhD student investigating using games to assist cancer patients. One investigating large complex data sets to establish pathways through NHS services and to visualise service usage in the future. One looking at automating the detection of pornographic images to assist Police. One creating interactive media to teach written English to Chinese students and to teach Mandarin to english students. One creating a pipeline for 3D models to be created from images and transposed into AR by using mobile technology alone.

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Was external examiner at Southampton Solent University (2008-2014).

Just completed 4 year stint as external examiner for a suite of programmes run in Singapore for Oxford Brookes University

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