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I’m a Lecturer in Computer Arts and a practising artist. As a trained animator, I work with narrative and interactive animation in both my teaching and my practice.  Most recently, I collaborated on the creation of an interactive game, Tales of Monstrous InTent (2018), an installation game played in a tent, which aims to create links between players through narrative devices, intimacy, and interdependent play.

In 2018 I received my PhD by publication which focusses upon the design of events, games and objects which utilise play to form temporary links between individuals and unlock the transformative potential inherent in all play.  The PhD built upon my practice, drawing from interactive games, live performances and a series of interactive workshops produced during my studies. These works, studied from the perspective of practitioner, informed the creation of two design frameworks which sought to enhance participation by individuals in playful events and artefacts.  

I’m passionate about play and believe we all could benefit from being a little more playful in our everyday lives. I believe that play is an ideal tool for bringing people together and helping them to see commonalities, reveal new perspectives and uncover new ideas about themselves, their lives, community and society.  Working with the community is central to my practice and I have delivered a series of workshops within games and design festivals, at schools and for the general public, aiming to expand understanding of and engagement with playful media, interaction design and narrative.  These workshops are participative, supporting attendees in the design, delivery and iteration of physical, pervasive and digital games, and animations.  I also actively promote playful design through public engagement and outreach, presenting at academic conferences, public events and participating in panel discussions aimed at academic and general audiences. 

I was previously the Programme Leader for BA (Hons) Computer Arts (2011-2017) and a Lecturer in 3D Animation teaching in the Further Education sector (2005-2010). I am also external examiner for Ba (Hons) Graphics for Games at Bradford University (2015 – present).



2018 - PhD by Publication: Playing Games Together: Play Interventions for Community and Communal Play

2009 - 2010 - PG (Cert) Teaching Qualification Further Education (TQFE) - University of Dundee

2006 - 2007 - Introduction Teaching Qualification in Further Educations - Level 7 - Dundee College

2004 - 2005 - MSc in Animation and Visualisation - Distinction - University of Dundee

2000 - 2004 - Ba (Hons) Computer Arts - 2:1 - University of Abertay Dundee

Lynn a lecturer in Computer Arts who contributes to the delivery of animation, interactive media and fourth year research projects of this programme and other programmes within the school.  For 2017/18 this includes:

Art105 - Interactive and Augmented Places
Art206 - Narrative Animation

Lynn provides individual project supervision for students studying a range of digital art subjects, including animation, technical art, and design.  Lynn is also fully trained in motion capture animation and regularly delivers workshops for students within the School.  Lynn has previously delivered a range of animation modules contributing to undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the fields of narrative, visual effects and computer games animation.

Previous Modules include:

AG0740a - Elementary Animation
AG0840a - Character Animation
AG0940a - Advanced Animation
AG0932a - Technical Art Applications
AG0933a -Scripting & Dynamics
Art401 - Honours Project Proposal

Previous Teaching Experience
2010 - 2017 - Computer arts Programme Leader, Abertay University
2007 - 2010 - 3D Animation Lecturer Full Time, HNC/D 3D Computer Animation Course Tutor - Dundee College
2005 - 2007 - 3D Animation Lecturer Part Time - Dundee College

Lynn's current research trajectory is focused upon the development of temporary communities of play through the design and delivery of 'playful interventions' whether these be events, workshops or computer games.  She recently successfully defended her PhD research, titled Playing Games Together: Play Interventions for Community and Communal Play. This thesis studied the cultural and social impact of play interventions upon communities.  This thesis is underpinned by creative practice, academic writing, and expert interviews with practitioners.

Lynn is passionate about community and play and is exploring opportunities to utilise playful interventions in a range of settings (including schools, youth clubs, community groups and in professional settings) in order to explore ideas and issues raised by the participants with and for the benefit of the participants themselves.  Lynn is also interested in participation in festivals of play and ‘play parties’ which are social game playing events and is currently developing studied of experimental games festivals, festivals of play and social game events in relation to games as cultural artefacts and the commercial games industry as a whole.

For supervision of projects, Lynn's research interests include: Interactive Narrative; Animation; Abstraction in Digital Media; Choreography of animation; Hybrid and immersive performances; Social and critical play; Performance and play; Interactivity in Digital Art; Communal creative experiences; Linear and non-linear narrative; and Visual effects installations.


Love, L.H.C. (accepted/in press). ‘Do we need permission to play in public? The design of participation for social play video games at play parties and ‘alternative’ games festivals’, Media and Communication Journal, 6(2).

White, G. and Parker, L. (accepted/in press). ‘Playing the museum: participation, possibility and play in curating meaningful visitor experiences’, Leonardo Electronic Almanac

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Love, L.H.C., and Bozdog, M. (accepted/in press). ‘A three person poncho and a set of maracas: designing Ola De La Vida, a co-located social play computer game‘, Proceedings of DiGRA '18 international conference, Turin, Italy, 25-28 July 2018.Parker, L. and Galloway, D. 2016.  Creative Communities: Shaping Process through Performance and Play. The 1st joint conference of DiGRA and FDG, Dundee, UK. August 2016.

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Parker, L., Sloan, R.J.S. and Martinez, S. 2012. Facilitating interdisciplinary learning and innovation in games art education. [Online]. Networks, 18. Available from: arts.brighton.ac.uk/projects/networks/issue-18-july-2012



Ola De La Vida. (2017). [Game Installation]. FuturePlay Tech Zone, 3-28 August 2017, Assembly Rooms. Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
Ola De La Vida, (2017) [Game Installation]. Games are for Everyone, 24 May 2017, The Caves, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
EVE. (2015). [Interactive Installation]. Decoding Space. 13 March – 10 April 2015, Hannah Maclure Centre, Abertay University, Dundee, United Kingdom.
Northern Lights Ceilidh. (2014). [Event], Dare to be Digital, 8th August 2014, Dundee, United Kingdom.
Forever Falling Nowhere. (2013) [Digital Dance Performance], NEoN Digital Arts Festival, 9 November 2013, Vision Building, Dundee, United Kingdom.

More Information


2017 Game Play - Exploring Games and live performance in partnership with Poorboy (£5000 Funding awarded by Interface)
2015 Brazil - Exploring real-time technology in theatre performance in partnership with Capall Dorcha (£5000 Funding awarded by Interface)
2011 'Facilitating Interdisciplinary Learning and Innovation in Games Art Education' (£5000 Funding awarded by ADM-HEA)


External Examinerships

2015 - Present - University of Bradford External Examiner

Knowledge Exchange


2012 - Collaboration with UAD and EUCROMA staff to produce pipeline tools for game and animation development


Lectures and Workshop Participation at External Institutions/Events

2017 - Where Should Dundee Be in 2053? Presentation on the Future of Play - Dundee, UK

2017 - Wasteland Social - Game Jam for the general Public -  Arcadia, Dundee, UK

2017 - Game Play - in partnership with Poorboy and Biome Collective, - Pracitioner Workshop exploring Games and Performance, Dundee Design Festival, Dundee, UK

2016 - Design. Build. Play.  In parnership with Mona Bozdog, Dundee Design Festival Workshop for the General Public

2016 - Light Bytes Panel Member, Dundee, UK

2012 - 2013  Workshop participant - Narrative & Complex Systems hosted by the University of York

2012 - Visiting Lecture at Shanghai Digital Arts College, Shanghai, China

2011 - Visiting Lecture at University of Aalborg, Denmark


Invited Presentations, Panels & Workshops

Things We Thought When We Were Kids… (2018). [Invited Presentation], Pecha Kucha Dundee, 26 February 2018, Dundee Rep Theatre, Dundee, United Kingdom. 
20 Years of Games Expert Panel Finale. (2017). [Invited Panel Member]. 20 Years of Games, 25th November 2017, Abertay University, Dundee, United Kingdom.
The Future of Play. (2017). [Invited Presentation], Dundee 2053, 28 September 2017, DC Thomson, Dundee, United Kingdom.
Wasteland Social. (2017). [Workshop], Arcadia, 9 September 2017, Vision Building, Dundee, United Kingdom.
Game Play. (2017). [Workshop]. Dundee Design Festival. 24 May 2017, West Ward Works, Dundee, United Kingdom.
Design. Build. Play. (2016). [Workshop]. Dundee Design Festival. 28 May 2016, West Ward Works, Dundee, United Kingdom|
Report on Now Play This. (2016). [Invited Presentation]. IGDA Meet-Up 19 April 2016, Codebase, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
2013 - Women In Science Festival - Dundee -  Pre-Film Screening presentation 'Aliens, Explosions and Soaring Spaceships: Just a Typical Day at the Office for a Visual Effects Artist'
2013 - Techfest in September Festival - Aberdeen - Pre-Film Screening presentation on the 'History of Visual Effects'

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