Dr Kathy-Ann Fletcher


School School of Business, Law and Social Sciences

Department Division of Accounting Business and Management

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I am Lecturer in Marketing in the Division of Accounting, Business and Management at Abertay University since December 2018. 

Previous to Abertay, I earned my PhD and taught Marketing at University of East London in London. In my previous career, I was a marketing consultant and project co-ordinator within the advertising industry. 

My research interests include consumer behaviour, consumerism, social/digital media, brand communities and brand relationships. 


I teach four modules at Abertay:

  • MKT102: Marketing
  • MKT202: Digital and Social Media Marketing
  • MKT401: Strategic Marketing
  • MKT402: Customer Relationship Management

I have also taught MKT101: Understanding the Customer.

MKT101 - Understanding the Customer

MKT102 - Marketing

MKT202 - Digital and Social Media Marketing

MKT401 - Strategic Marketing

MKT402 - Customer Relationship Management

  • Social Media Brand Communities
  • Consumer Identity
  • Consumerism
  • Digital Consumer Behaviour


Gbadamosi, A., Fletcher, K. P., Emmanuel-Stephen, C. and Olotula, I. C. (2017) ‘Consumerism and Consumer: A Focus on Young Consumer’, in Gbadomosi, A. (ed) Young Consumer: A Research Companion, Oxon: Routledge.

Fletcher, K. P. and Stephen, C. M. (2016/18) ‘Social Media Engagement: Reshaping the Consumption Patterns of Generation Y Caribbean and Latin American Consumers’, in Gbadamosi, A. (ed.) Handbook of Research on Consumerism and Buying Behavior in Developing Nations. Pennsylvania: IGI Global, pp. 218-238.


Fletcher, K. P., Emmanuel-Stephen, C, and Olutola, I. (2017) ‘Entrepreneurship, Social Media and Household Consumption among Africa’s Middle Class Families: Perspectives on Creating Viable Emerging Economies’, IAABD Conference, (May 2017), Atlanta, USA.

Fletcher, K. P. (2016) ‘Social Media Brand Communities: Facilitators of Identity Creation and Expression in Generation Y and Beyond’, Social Media: Connected Culture Conference, (May 2016), Prague, Czech Republic.

Fletcher, K. P., Gbadamosi, A. and Nwankwo, S. (2016) ‘Consumer-Generated Radical Marketing: A Business Opportunity in the Digital Age’, Academy of Marketing 2016 Conference on Radical Marketing, (July 2016), Newcastle, U. K.

Fletcher, K. P. (2016) ‘Drivers and consequences of using social media for consumer identity creation’, Affect and Social Media Symposium, University of East London, (March 2016) London, United Kingdom.

Fletcher, K. P. (2016) ‘Social Media and Virtual Communities’ Role in the Consumer Brand Relationship: An Online Investigation into the Development of Consumer-Brand Identification’ Royal Docklands Business School Post Graduate Conference, (May 2016), London, United Kingdom.

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Member of Chartered Institute of Marketing, British Academy of Management and Academy of Marketing


Main Facilitator and Speaker at British Academy of Management Workshop - 'Teaching Research Methods to International Students' held at Abertay University on April 4, 2019.

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