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Dr Wilkin is a lecturer in New Product Development and is the business development manager for Food Innovation @ Abertay (FIA), FIA is  a practical innovation support for the food and drink industry which connects academics within the food and drink division with external partners in industry.
As part of this work, Dr Wilkin has worked with micro and small companies as well as medium to larger food businesses.  His main area of expertise is consumer lead new product development, understanding processing / treatments in the fish processing area, and the utilisation of waste from food processes into value added foods.
Dr Wilkin completed a PhD in Food Technology, specifically looking at the storage acceptability of peanut products within an industrial setting. His specific areas of expertise include new product development within Small to Medium sized Enterprises and product reformulations.
Some of the research Dr Wilkin is currently investigating is the reduction in pulling force in pin bones of trout and salmon, food texture and structure using texture analysis and micro Computational Tomography (mCT).
As part of his external work, Dr Wilkin is a member of the Scottish Government’s Cross-Party Food Group and the Secretary for the Scottish Branch of the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST).


Food Safety; New Product Development; SMEs; Product Reformulations; Shelf Life; Food Texture; Fish Pin Bones

I am module tutor on the following modules for the BSc Food and Consumer Science and MSc Food and Drink Innovation:

ELE024 – Food fads, facts and fiction
FOD306 - Food Safety and Quality Management (accelerated)
FOD404 - New Product Development 2
FOD501 - Food Quality and Safety Management

Other teaching commitments are:

FOD405 - New Topic in Food
FOD404 - New Product Development 1
ELE006 - Global Change
ELE007 - Cities of the future: Science Fiction to Science Fact
ENV309 - Food and Water Security and Sustainability

I am also 4th Year Tutor for the Food and Consumer Sciences and Food Nutrtion and Health BSc's

Current research projects include: the use of computational tomography for ingredient dispersion and macro structure in free from food products and the removal of fish pin bones from salmon and trout. 

I have a background in lipid oxidation in stored peanuts and peanut products; and characterisation of peanut oil bodies (storage organelles within the oil seed).


Academic papers

  • Wilkin, J.D., Ashton, I.P., Fielding, L.M. and Tatham, A.S. (2013). Storage stability of whole and nibbed, conventional and high oleic peanuts (Arachis hypogeae L.). Food and bioprocess technology. DOI 10.1007/s11947-012-1033-0.
  • Chu, B.S., Wilkin, J.D., House, M., Roleska, M. and Lemos, M.A., 2016. Effect of sucrose on thermal and pH stability of Clitoria ternatea extract. International Journal of Food Processing Technology 3 (1).
  • Troise, A.D., Wilkin, J.D. and Fiore, A., 2018. Impact of rapeseed press-cake on Maillard reaction in a cookie model system. Food chemistry, 243, pp.365-372.
  • Schroeder, S., Grigor, J.M., Stathopoulos, C.E., Savage, A., Cassidy, P., Toepfl, S. and Wilkin, J.D., 2018. The effect of collagenase, water and calcium chloride on the removal of Salmo salar (salmon) and Oncorhynchus mykiss (trout) pin bones. Aquaculture International, pp.1-11.


Converance paper:

  • Tsang, C., Fiore, A., Wilkin, J., Zenker, H., Zhalev, N. and Troise, A.D., 2016. Impact of fiber and protein derived from rapeseed press-cake on Maillard Reaction in a cookie model system. Impact of fiber and protein derived from rapeseed press-cake on Maillard Reaction in a cookie model system, 2(3).


More Information



  • 3 KTP's Berry Waste (Co-I £240,000); Meat Snacks (£180,000 Co-I) and Fish Waste (£240,000 Co-I)


  • 1 Knolwedge Transfer Partnership (2016-2019) £180,000 (PI) 


  • 1 Interface Food and Drink Competition (2015-2016) £50,000
  • 7 Innovation Vouchers (2015-2016) £35,000 (PI: 3)
  • 1 Knowledge Transfer Partnership (2016-2017) £91,000 (PI)


  • 25 Innovation Vouchers (2014-2015) (£125,000 total) (PI: 16)
  • 1 Feasibility study grants from Food and Drink Innovation (2014-15)
  • 1 Knowledge Transfer Partnership (2015-2017) - 2 Year Project (PI) - £121,000


  • 18 Interface Innovation Voucher (2013-14) £90,000 (Total) (PI: 9)
  • 2 Feasibility study grants from Food and Drink Innovation (2013-14) £20,000 (PI: 1)


  • 12 Interface Innovation Voucher (2012-13) (PI: 6)
  • 1 PoP Food and Drink Innovation (2012-13)
  • 2 Innovation Portal Technology Feasibility Study grants (2012-2013) (PI: 1)


  • 8 Interface Innovation Vouchers (2011-2012) (PI: 2)
  • 2 SPARK Awards (2011-2012) (PI: 2)
  • 2 Innovation Portal Technology Feasibility Study grants (2011-2012)
  • 1 Interface Food and Drink Pump Priming grant (2011-2012) (PI: 1)
  • 1 Interface Follow On Innovation Voucher (2011-2012)


A Fellow of the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) and am Branch Secretary for the Scottish Branch.

I am a Food and Drink Ambassador with the Scotland Food and Drink Federation (SFDF)

I also co-sit on the Cross Party Food Group in Hollyrood

Knowledge Exchange

I am currently co-applicant on 3 Knowledge Transfer Partnership’s (KTP)

• Meat Jerky texture, - PI Dr Athina Tziboula-Clarke
• Recovery of bioactivies from berry waste – PI Prof Carl Schaschke
• Recovery of waste from fish farming – PI Prof Joe Akunna

Previous project I have been awarded and are finished:

• Recovery of waste from Potato washing / peeling – we won a Scottish Knowledge exchange award for Building skills in the company as well as Innovation of the year 2017. PI Jon Wilkin
• Understand consumer behaviour in new product development of seaweed products PI Jon Wilkin
• Assessment of processing for smoked food products – PI Jon Wilkin (failed to recruit)
• Development of a new chocolate product – PI John Grigor Co-applicant Jon Wilkin, Boon Chu,

The main body of work involves and our speacilism is in:

• New product development,
• Consumer studies
• Food styling and photography,
• Food hygiene and safety
• Processing, up-scaling / technical solutions
• Marketing and consumer research

Food Innovation @ Abertay is a practical business support part of our food and drink division, and more information about it can be found here: https://www.abertay.ac.uk/business/services-for-business/food-innovation-abertay/


I'm involved in 'How the cookie crumbles' with Baldragon Academy for Dundee Science Festival (2012); working with Websters High School (Kirriemuir) with the Princes Trust developing a new food product (2014-15).

I was on the Beachgrove Garden (November 2013); STV's 'Too good to waste - Passing it on...' (March 2014), and the BBC's Fake Britian (March 2015). We have just filmed Food Science videos for Chemistry Teachers on the Maillard Reaction, Lipid Oxidation, Enzymic Browning, Smoking, TLC and Emulsions (2015).

Various events, Scotland Food and Drink Federation Ambassador, Invited Speaker for the Free From Foods Interface Highlands and Islands Seminar; and Cafe Science Event (June 2015), Friends of Dundee University's Botanical Gardens (December 2015) speaking about my research.

I have co-created CPD events for Home Economics Teachers and public engagement with the Dundee Food and Flower Festival (2014) in the Discovery Tent; Teachmeet at St John's RC High School (2014).


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