Dr Dayna Galloway

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School School of Design and Informatics

Department Division of Games and Arts

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+44 (0)1382 30 8693


My teaching encompasses game concept development and experimental game design. After graduating with a BDes in Illustration and a  BA (Hons) in Computer Arts, I completed a PhD which established methodologies for the mass market delivery of factual material within an appropriate, engaging and immersive interactive documentary experience.

My research interests are within the field of design with a focus on the structures, dynamics and aesthetics of videogames, and in particular the emergence of new interactive forms and design practices.

I’ve recently been involved in two knowledge exchange projects: Moving Targets - which involved working with broadcasters to develop new models for production and user engagement in online spaces, and Development Cultures - which explored academic and industrial collaboration in experimental game design.
My current activities explore the connections between performance and play in the context of games and other cultural forms. Through a PhD studentship in collaboration with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and the National Theatre of Scotland I have collaborated on the design of Inchcolm Project – an immersive, live experience, inspired by the videogame Dear Esther.
I enjoy curating and participating in creative events and I regularly organise activities such as the Global Game Jam and Dare Academy.

ART405 Honours Project Proposal and Development

DES203 Interactive Media Production

ART403 Honours Project

DES301 Professional Project: Planning and Prototyping

DES302 Professional Project: Development and Delivery



Selected Publications and Conference Presentations

Bozdog, M. and Galloway, D. (2017) Play between worlds: Inchcolm Project. Scottish Journal of Performance 4(1).

Bozdog, M. and Galloway, D. (2016) I Cried to Dream Again: Discovery and Meaning-Making in Walking Simulators, DiGRA-FDG2016, August 1-6, Dundee.

Parker, L. and Galloway, D. (2016) Creative Communities: Shaping Process through Performance and Play. DiGRA-FDG2016, August 1-6, Dundee.

Johnson, M. P. , White, G., Prior, S. and Galloway, D. (2016) Sharing the Vision: representing the matters of concern for design-led fledgling companies in Scotland. DMI: Academic Design Management Conference, Boston USA. 28-29 July.

Galloway, D. (2015) Growing Cities - Game Design and Architecture. Invited Panel Member. Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts 2015. Dublin. 1-3 September 2015.

Locke, R., Parker, L., Galloway, D. and Sloan, R. (2015) The Game Jam Movement: Disruption, Performance and Artwork, Foundations of Digital Games, Pacific Grove, California. 22-25 June 2015. 

Sloan, R.J.S., Galloway, D. and Donald, I. (2014) A sweetspot for innovation: Developing games with purpose through student-staff collaboration. Sixth International Conference on Virtual Worlds and Games for Serious Applications: VS-Games 2014. Malta, 9-12 September 2014. 

Galloway, D. (2014) Interactive Documentary: Digital Storytelling and Adaptation, RIDERS & CIRCLE Collaboration, University of Edinburgh, April 2014.

Galloway, D. & Donald, I. (2013) Documenting Debate - Online Communities and the Expansive Interactive Documentary, Participations: Journal of Audience & Reception Studies.

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Galloway, D. (2011) Narrative v. Gameplay: a Catalyst for Creativity, Media Education Journal (AMES), Issue 50.

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Galloway, D.  Dempster, E. Donald, I. White, G. (2009) Prototype – Developing a Successful Model for Academic and Industrial Collaboration.

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Galloway, D.  (2006) From Michael Moore to JFK Reloaded: Towards a working model of interactive documentary, Presentation. SMCA Conference, Perth.

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