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As an artist and designer, I’m interested in people’s different visual perceptions. Individually, we all have different experiences, but how is art perceived by the blind and partially sighted? Can we translate design to enhance meaning and accessibility?

This is something that I’ve explored through artistic research.  My recent work, Double Vision: An investigation of art and differential perception looks at how we can translate design to enhance the experience of those with vision impairments. This is done through the application of colour theory, artistic principles and computer science. It has led to numerous papers, articles and multiple exhibitions, notably in Paris, Washington DC and Hangzhou, China. 

My research is in close relationship with artists and technicians from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, the University of Dundee and the University of Manchester.

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Graphic and Media Design

Physical Digital Experiences

Digital Media Concepts

Design Contexts

Visual Literacies


 Colour Theory, physiology of the eye and their effects on colour perception.

Artistic expression directed to specific visual acuities.

Seeing as thinking and art's role in that process. 

Technologically enhanced visual thinking and perception

Guerrilla tactics in art, design and advertising. 

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