Our Security theme explores Cybersecurity, Forensic Psychology, Forensic Science and Law.


Our Security theme explores the many complex security challenges and criminal activities faced by modern society. Our work builds on established relationships with security companies, public authorities and the police in order to undertake research, development and knowledge exchange activities.

Our strategic approach to these is an interconnected and interdisciplinary platform based around CybersecurityForensic PsychologyLaw, and Forensic Science.




Code projected on to a data centre

The development and availability of new technologies is frequently accompanied by increasingly sophisticated criminal activity and organised crime. It is important to consider cyber security in the development of new technology so that secure features are embedded at the outset, as well as being able to continue to test the security of cyberspace as new technological advances are made. 

Forensic Psychology

Police interview between two people - one officer and one suspect

Forensic psychology plays an important role in all aspects of the legal system by drawing on many areas of psychological science. Our researchers focus on child forensic interviewing, missing persons, eyewitness memory, effective police training and guidelines, legal issues surrounding vulnerable victims, multiplex video environments, CCTV, camouflage, and individual differences. 

Forensic Science

Forensic scientist investigating a handprint

In Forensic Science, recent work includes tracing illicit drugs, detecting fingerprints on polymer banknotes and fabrics, and detecting fingerprints on feathers to identify wildlife crime. Members in the forensic science team include a mix of academics, researchers, former police officers, crime scene examiners, and forensic scientists. Research is conducted in collaboration with the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) and the Home Office Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST).


The inside of a courtroom

Our legal researchers focus on the European Union’s Area of Freedom Security and Justice treaty, as well as the external relationships that the EU has. Post-Brexit, the focus will shift to the changing legal relationship of the UK /Scotland with the EU in this policy area, and the responses of the UK/ Scotland to this changing situation. 

Theme Leader

Professor Stefano De Paoli

Professor Stefano De Paoli

School of Business, Law and Social Sciences | Professor of Digital Society

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Computer with code displaying on the screen
ABERTAY NEWS22/03/2021

Research reveals cybercriminals are leveraging Covid announcements

The new study from Dr Lynsay Shepherd of Abertay’s School of Design and Infor...

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Behind view of female working on a Desktop computer
ABERTAY NEWS19/02/2021

Abertay develops Ethical Hacking module for teachers

Training to benefit computing teachers across Scotland

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Male student wearing headphones whilst working on a Desktop computer
ABERTAY NEWS15/12/2020

Abertay University named UK Centre of Excellence for Cyber Security

Abertay is the first University in Scotland to receive the award

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A pile of USB drives
ABERTAY NEWS04/11/2020

Researchers recover 75,000 'deleted' files from pre-owned USB drives

Tax returns, CVs and bank statements were among the files retrieved

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ABERTAY NEWS11/11/2019

SPOTLIGHT ON: Digitised faces reduce shoplifting risk at self-service checkouts

A study found that human-like face resulted in fewer instances of dishonesty

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A photo of Ben Jones smiling
ABERTAY NEWS05/11/2019

Prestigious Physics honour for Abertay lecturer

Dr Ben Jones has been made a Fellow of the Institute of Physics

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ABERTAY NEWS21/10/2019

SPOTLIGHT ON: Tayyaba Nafees

Tayyaba has gone on to run an extremely successful business

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Lecturer and students working in the Hacklab on Desktop computers
ABERTAY NEWS01/10/2019

SPOTLIGHT ON: The cyberQuarter project

A major upcoming research and development centre

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A photo of Karen Renaud in Abertay's library
ABERTAY NEWS29/04/2019

Abertay cybersecurity professor appointed to key Scottish research role

Professor Karen Renaud has been at Abertay since 2017.

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