Creative Industries

Our Creative Industries theme explores Games, Creative Technologies and Digital Culture.

Creative Industries

Our Creative Industries theme builds on established relationships with some of the world’s leading technology manufacturers, digital content creators and service providers to undertake research and development, knowledge exchange and collaborative content creation.

Creative Industries draws on expertise in Games and Arts, Computing and Mathematics, Business and Management, Sociology and Psychology.

Our research activity aligns with three broad and overlapping areas. 



Man in a vr headset playing games

In Games, we draw upon our breadth of academic and industrial expertise to research the design, production, application, and reception of games utilising a variety of practical and theoretical approaches. Our game design research includes applied games, for example games for history, health, education, or science communication. Researchers seek to develop new game design frameworks through practice-based examples, for instance by examining the interface between performance and play, or by applying media archaeology to game design. Game studies research at Abertay encompasses game production studies, interactive narrative and immersive storytelling, close readings of games, and games culture.

Creative Technologies

Woman using a graphics tablet to create character models.

In Creative Technologies, we bring together expertise in computing, mathematics, design, and psychology to develop and evaluate tools, hardware, and software. Immersive technologies are a current area of focus, with research focused on novel applications of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. This research involves not only creating and evaluating new applications but also working closely with industrial partners such as Microsoft and Sony to explore the potential of emerging technologies for immersive storytelling and new forms of play.

Visualisation research draws upon our expertise in computer programming and mathematics to develop novel approaches to computer graphics, for example in the real-time simulation of fluid dynamics or animation of soft-body characters. Audio research similarly draws upon a range of academic disciplines to explore methods for audio synthesis and adaptive audio for application in games, virtual reality, and live settings.

Digital Culture

Man in front of a projection screen, immersed in video games.

In Digital Cultures we investigate the application of interactive and immersive media in cultural contexts to inform and entertain, and we develop new curatorial, exhibition and archival practices. We also develop innovative ways to engage audiences with the cultural impact of digital technologies, with heritage and preservation research, and with practice-based creative research. More broadly, we engage in knowledge exchange and co-creation with industrial and independent artists, designers, producers, and publishers from across the creative sector.

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Dr Robin Sloan

Dr Robin Sloan

School of Design and Informatics | Senior Lecturer

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