Message to International Students

Nicola Sturgeon MSP, the First Minister of Scotland addresses international students.

First Minister's message to international students from Abertay University on Vimeo. Full transcript available below.

Video transcript.

I know that – right now – many of you are deciding where to study next year.  And I’m sure that Covid-19 is a major factor in that decision.  

So I want to assure you that – here in Scotland – we’re taking a very careful approach.  We’re aiming to get as close as we possibly can to eliminating Covid.  And we’re making all the preparations necessary, to ensure the safety of our students.

And of course, there are many other reasons why I think you should choose to study in Scotland.

After all, Scotland has some of the best colleges and universities anywhere in the world.  The quality of our research is internationally renowned. 

Scotland is also a wonderful place to live.  We have an incredible natural environment – with relatively low levels of pollution, huge amounts of green space, and quite stunning rural, island and coastal locations. 

We’re also a very welcoming and outward-looking country.  Every year, Scotland hosts more than 50,000 international students.  And they make an invaluable contribution to our national life. 

So I very much hope that you choose to study in Scotland, in the year ahead.  Despite the current circumstances - I’m sure it’ll be a fantastic experience.  And let me assure you, you will be very very welcome.

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