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We all want to know where our money has gone and see the good it does. So here are three student stories from people who have directly benefited from donations of different kinds.

It’s amazing how easing financial burdens gives students the space to thrive - and transform their lives. These are exactly the kind of people your donations will help. 

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John Jarvis LLB Law - Thorntons scholarship

Johnathan Jarvis left school with no Highers and joined Abertay as a mature student. He was also working full-time with a family to support. He received the Thorntons scholarship, providing both money and mentoring advice.

'Studying while raising a family is challenging, and the money will make a real difference. However, having access to a Thorntons' solicitor for career advice is worth more than the money itself. You can’t really put a price on that kind of guidance – it’s not something I had access to and it’s something I really value.'


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Ondrej Dlask BA Hons Marketing and Business - Santander Universities Funding

In year four, Santander Universities helped cover the travel costs so Ondrej could go to Berlin to take up an online Marketing Internship. He spent three months working full-time and was responsible for a mobile app release.

'I would like to thank Santander Universities for the support, which enabled me to gain real-life experience in my field, and develop essential  skills for my future career.'

Ondrej Dlask

William Murphy LLB Hons Law - The Lothian Scholarship

The Lothian family scholarship supports two undergraduate students, each receiving £5000 over the course of their studies. 

'This scholarship is a lifeline. While the monetary input is vital to my continued study, the fact there is a donor out there that has the belief and commitment to help people achieve their dreams is very humbling and uplifting.'

William Murphy and Andy Lothian Senior - Fundraising

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We all know the Coronavirus pandemic was incredibly tough; so we want to show you some of the amazing successes that you helped us achieve in 2021.

Download the 2021 Fundraising Impact Report to find out more.

All donations big and small help to make life better for our students. Thank you for supporting Abertay University.

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