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You have decided to invest in tomorrow’s talent. But what's the best way to do it?

Sometimes students may need help to continue studying, and that is a bursary. Or you may want to support academic merit, which is a scholarship.

There are obvious advantages on both sides: the students get the help they need, (and often work experience) and the businesses benefit from highly skilled work-ready graduates.

Contact the Fundraising team to find out more, or to work with us. 

Making the most of opportunities: Santander Universities

Santander Universities works in partnership with Abertay for the benefit of our students. Amongst other funds, it gives students the financial support to make the most of opportunities that they couldn't otherwise afford. As Emma Brough, BSc (Hons) BSc (Hons) Food, Nutrition and Health said:

'As a mature student, I was worried about how I would make ends meet, as I needed to cut back the hours at my part-time job while I was on placement. The Santander Opportunities Fund reduced the financial burden for me and meant I did not need to work seven days a week for three months!'


Fundraising - Emma Brough - Santander Universities

Helping students today: The Student Welfare Fund

Our Student Welfare Fund is there to help when life gets tough. It is a real lifeline for many students, especially through the COVID pandemic. Whether it be food vouchers, or money to pay bills, the Fund means they have been able to keep studying. 

'Receiving this money felt like having a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. I could stop worrying about paying my rent and concentrate again on my studies.' Welfare Fund Recipient

You can donate directly to the Student Welfare Fund, knowing you are helping our students exactly when they need it most. 

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Working for the future of food: Abertay University and Macphie

Macphie funds a £3000 scholarship for third year students in the School of Applied Sciences.

An internationally renowned food ingredient manufacturer, Chairman Alistair Macphie is an honorary graduate.

They help bright students who have financial issues to develop a career in the food and drink  industry. 

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