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The Urban Water Technology Centre was established in August 1993 and is based within the School of Applied Science at Abertay University.

We originally developed through our research and consultancy work associated with wastewater and environmental management. This resulted in valuable links being established between academia and industry, which continue to be expanded and reinforced today.

The Centre is supported by other specialists within the School and elsewhere in the University, for example chemistry, computing, microbiology and electronics, as well as a broad range of civil and environmental engineers.

Our mission is to provide a service to the water industry in the UK and overseas in three main areas: research, academia and consultancy. Across our many projects we have been highly successful in combining academic skills with commercial endeavours.

We have particular expertise in:

  • Sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) system conceptual design and operation.
  • Sewer asset management and interactions with treatment plants.
  • Water, waste and wastewater treatment systems operation and design.
  • Biogas technology.
  • Landfill emission modelling and risk assessment.
  • Sustainability and economic assessment.
  • Urban eco-system service.

Meet the team

Dr Cornelia Doerich-Stavridis

Profile picture of Dr Cornelia Doerich-Stavridis, smiling looking directly at the camera

Dr Cornelia Doerich-Stavridis is Head of the Division of Engineering and Food Science.

Cornelia’s expertise lies in the application of high powered numerical modelling of complex systems in the context of structural and geotechnical engineering. Cornelia’s research focuses on the strength and stability of thin curved structures such as wind turbine towers and pipelines. Contact Dr Doerich-Stavridis.

Emeritus Professor David Blackwood

David Blackwood, Emeritus Professor, Chair of Sustainable Development, is the Co-Director of the Urban Water Technology Centre.

David directs all research projects and has a particular interest in sustainable accountability including environmental assessment, cost-benefit analysis (CBA) and risk analysis. Contact Emeritus Professor Blackwood.


Professor Joseph Akunna

Professor Joseph Akunna smiling face on wearing a suit

Professor Joseph Akunna, Chair of Water and Environmental Engineering and Co-Director of UWTC.

Joseph directs research that explores the characteristics of the complex microbial community involved in the treatment of, and resource recovery from, wastes and wastewaters, including anaerobic digestion processes and landfill technology.  Contact Professor Akunna.

Dr Kehinde Oduyemi

Dr Kehinde Oduyemi is the Academic Curriculum Manager.

Kehinde’s research interests include: sediment transport in rivers; monitoring and modelling of air quality and fluid flows; environmental assessment; landfill risk management processes, tools and techniques; remote sensing and GIS; pedagogic studies. Contact Dr Oduyemi.

Dr Daniel Gilmour

Dr Daniel Gilmour smiling in a lab setting

Dr Daniel Gilmour, Senior Lecturer.

Daniel’s research interests include sustainability assessment, public participation in decision making, in particular, on the enhancement of sustainability in the built and natural environment. Daniel is heavily engaged in sustainable decision-making research in a range of projects in the public sector and water industry. Contact Dr Gilmour.

Dr Ehsan Jorat

Dr Ehsan Jorat in the laboratory, facing the camera.

Dr Ehsan Jorat, Lecturer.

Ehsan’s research focuses on designing and implementing field experiments to monitor geotechnical properties during soil carbonation processes, assessing the impact on flooding and developing a validation tool for measuring the process. Other interests include investigating critical on/near-shore soft sediments. Contact Dr Jorat.

Dr Rebecca Wade

Rebecca Wade close up, next to the Discovery ship, smiling at the camera

Dr Rebecca Wade, Senior Lecturer. Rebecca’s research interests include landscape processes (soils and water), river restoration, urban water management and ecosystem services.  She works locally, nationally and internationally with regulators, government and industry to address environmental management challenges. Contact Dr Wade.

Mr Edward Simpson

Edward Simpson shoulders and head looking at camera smiling

Mr Edward Simpson, Lecturer.

Edward’s research addresses educational development and learning in Higher Education and organisational development.  Edward’s current research focuses on learning: within the construction profession; and how businesses can benefit from a better understanding of techniques that develop effective learning strategies for staff. Contact Mr Simpson.

Dr Paula Forbes

Paula Forbes head shot half-smiling at the camera

Dr Paula Forbes, Post Doctorate Researcher.

Paula has extensive experience in cross-disciplinary projects with a focus on Sustainability and Social applications of technology, particularly increasing youth /student engagement in educational settings. Most recently Paula examined scaling up innovations across the Water, Energy Food nexus. Contact Dr Forbes.

Ms Alison Duffy

Ms Alison Duffy, Senior Researcher.

Alison research focuses on transitioning towards cost effective built and managed water assets working within multi-stakeholder environments. Alison has co-authored many strategic direction reports, communication documents, technical guidance and water management frameworks to aid decision-making processes. Contact Ms Duffy.

Mr Neil Berwick

Mr Neil Berwick, Research Officer

Neil specialises in the operation and long-term management of SuDS. Neil provides SuDS consultancy advice and training to the public and private sector. Neil also delivers Abertay’s online CPD courses and is our Civil Engineering Placement Tutor ensuring high quality industry based experiences for students. Contact Mr Berwick.

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