Teaching and Learning Enhancement

Over the last few years at Abertay, we have significantly enhanced the CPD opportunities for staff who teach and support learning.

Continued Professional Development (CPD) is crucial in order to keep your practice up-to-date, and to allow you to collect evidence of the activities you have undertaken and the impact that they have had on your own practice, either as evidence of keeping in ‘good standing’ if you already have professional recognition for your Teaching and Learning, or to provide evidence to have your excellence recognised by a professional body. You can work towards professional recognition through Abertay's new Higher Education Academy (HEA) accredited CPD Framework ‘Going for Gold’.

The framework uses a holistic, staff centred approach to support you in your continuous development as a professional teaching practitioner. We have a pool of experienced staff available to mentor and support you as you progress. You will be able to design your own personal path to recognition with help and advice from your own personal mentor and development opportunities that will either be provided in-house by the TLE team, or you will be able to find out about CPD opportunities from outside agencies through TLE.

The framework is directly aligned with all four descriptors of the United Kingdom Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) and as it has been accredited by the Higher Education Academy (HEA) you can use the framework to gain national professional recognition as either an Associate Fellow/Fellow/Senior Fellow/Principle Fellow of the HEA, which will be assessed in house.

We also have regular seminars to share good practice, we offer funding opportunities for pedagogic research (the Abertay Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund, ATLEF) and we offer a range of bespoke support to staff e.g. in the area of technology enhanced learning.

More information on teaching and learning CPD opportunities at Abertay are available on the intranet (for existing staff). 

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the TLE team at TLEnhancement@abertay.ac.uk.

Learning Enhancement

Abertay is a distinctive modern university with an inclusive approach to teaching and supporting our students’ learning. We have a long history of engaging with the local and surrounding communities as well as attracting a growing number of international students. We aim to prepare our students for succeeding in a global context where society continues to face many complex challenges such as climate change, social justice and economic uncertainty and, as defined by our new 2020-25 strategic plan, the University’s purpose is three-fold:

  1. To offer transformational opportunities to everyone who has the ability to benefit from Abertay’s approach to university education.
  2. To inspire and enable our students, staff and graduates to achieve their full potential and to have a positive impact on the world around us.
  3. To prepare students for the world of work and a life of learning.

Our pedagogic philosophy is founded upon active learning and providing our students with opportunities to put into practice theoretical knowledge gained. Students are considered partners in programme design and learning opportunities and we expect all our students to engage in their own learning and take full advantage of the learning opportunities provided to them by the university.

The University has transformed its pedagogic approach since 2013, catalysed by the then new Teaching and Learning Enhancement strategy and there has been significant rises in student satisfaction and graduate outcomes. Our new Learning Enhancement strategy (2020-25) has been developed to support and complement the University’s overall strategic plan. We are focussing on taking deliberate steps around five strategic priority areas:

  1. Teaching Excellence
  2. The Student Journey
  3. Digital Education
  4. Academic Partnerships
  5. Pedagogic Research

Abertay has a very active staff community of practice in learning enhancement and the new Abertay Learning Enhancement (AbLE) Academy has been created to further enhance staff support. AbLE facilitates the sharing of and developing good practice across the Academic Schools and also supports pedagogic innovation and evaluation through a series of staff development opportunities such as monthly seminars, the postgraduate certificate in academic practice (PGCAP, accredited by AdvanceHE), CPD professional recognition scheme “Going for Gold” (also accredited by AdvanceHE), pedagogic research projects, network meetings etc.

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