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Do you remember...?

Do you have memories of Abertay University or one of its predecessors – DIT, Dundee College of Technology, or “The Tech”? If you have a connection to the university, and a story to tell, we want to hear from you.

As part of our “Memories Re-Animated” project we want to develop our historical knowledge of the institution further by collecting memories of the people that made the university: its staff and students, and the people of the community it serves.

We need your help!

This is your chance to make your memories of the university part of its history. We’d like you to send us any memories you have of the university or its predecessor institutions. You can send us video, audio, or written versions of your memories through our Archives Submission page.

What Do We Want To Hear?

We’d love to hear your stories, no matter how long or short, and no matter how many. Do you have a particular memory of something that happened here? What were your experiences - what did you see and do; do you have memories of people here, the buildings, rooms, and even the equipment - like textiles machinery or computers?  

We’d also love to see any photographs, memorabilia, documents etc, that you have relating to the history of Abertay that you might have – whether related to your story or not. Please let us know about these through the Archives Submission page too.

If you're unsure about what to speak about, we've put some suggestions below that might jog your memories. If you have stories relating to these or anything else about the history of the university please record them and send them to us at our Archives Submission page.

Dundee Institute of Technology Science Demonstration 1990

Memory Suggestions

  • Student Association Were you involved in students representation, or organising events, like the "Hops", or gigs at "The Bowling Alley"? Were you in a student band? Were you involved in student activism like protests against grant changes? Or were you a member of a society, or a student sports team? Were you involved in the nurses rugby matches or a memorable match or tournament with other universities?
  • Projects Do you remember a specific project? Were you involved in building an ecologically friendly racing car? Do you remember the development of “Whitespace” or the building expansions of the late 1960s and early 1970s? Were you involved in the development of new courses, like the nursing degree of 1975, or Environmental Science c. 1990, or computer games in 1997-1998? Were you one of the first students on these?
  • Special Equipment Do you remember the textiles machinery, the giant turbine, or the first computer in 1966? Or do you remember later computers and the network games that you could play on them?
  • People and Organisations Do you remember a specific lecturer or member of staff, like AD “squared” – ADD Mackay? Do you remember specific students that you taught? Were you in an organisation that worked with us?
  • Special Events Do you remember the anniversary celebrations in 1988 and visits of Prince Philip and Jonny Ball? The secret visit of the Royal Mint to the Kydd Building? Do you remember the “International Evening” celebrating the different nationalities at the College? Do you remember the campaign for university status in 1992-1994? Were you in the “You Can Do It At DIT” commercial? Were you involved in the celebrations in April, May, and August 1994? 
  • Or maybe you remember something else…
Women in the Lab c1985 - Abertay University Archive

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