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#ADGS2021 | Abertay Digital Graduate Show


A peek behind the curtain at ADGS

If you’re keen to find out a little more about our amazing students, the work they do and how they got to where they are today then you’re in the right place!

Check out the 'Inside the Process' videos below for a more in-depth look at how some of our students create their work, and the path that brought them to Abertay to pursue their dreams.

We’ve also got further resources for all ages that includes fun activity booklets and exciting online courses on FutureLearn if you’re keen to study at home.

Amena Vindhani - Inside the Processs

Amena Vindhani reflects on her time at Abertay studying Computer Arts and discus...

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Austin Flynn - Inside the Processs

Austin Flynn reflects on his time at Abertay studying Computer Game Applications...

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Kate Robinson - Inside the Process

Kate Robinson reflects on their time at Abertay studying Games Design and Produc...

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Mikolaj Bakowski - Inside the Processs

Mikolaj Bakowski reflects on his time at Abertay studying Computer Arts and disc...

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Nikolaos Potiriadis - Inside the Process

Nikolaos Potiriadis reflects on his time at Abertay studying Computing and discu...

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Sam Grant - Inside the Process

Sam Grant reflects on his time at Abertay studying Game Design and Production an...

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ADGS 2021 | Journey

Are you interested in coming to university, maybe even Abertay? Join these three graduates as they take you through their journeys from secondary to higher education.

Journey - Amena Vindhani

Amena Vindhani


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Journey - Ryan Goward

Ryan Goward


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Journey - Ryan Nichols

Ryan Nichols - Journey


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Home - By Team Team Triangle Bear


by Team Triangle Bear

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Project Noazarc

by Team Doughnut Monkey

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Project Scrapped

by Team Hawthorn Games

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by Team Tartan Paint

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Further resources

From fun activities exploring creativity to higher education courses online, find it all here!

Animated warrior character with red hair

Fun Activities

Here you can find some fun activities to complete that give you a taster of the kinds of creative thinking and methods that our students use to...

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Male and Female working together on a Desktop Computer

FutureLearn Online Courses

Find out more about Abertay's online higher education courses with FutureLearn.

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Find Your Place at Abertay

Explore short courses, undergraduate, postgraduate taught, and postgraduate research degrees available at Abertay.

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