ADGS Fun Activities

Hello to teachers, families, carers, young people and children!

Here you can find some fun activities to complete that give you a taster of the kinds of creative thinking and methods that our students use to create their work. There's three design process activities to choose from;

AnimationGame Design and Comic Design.


Animation is telling a story through film by bringing together a set of successive photos to creative the illusion of movement. Use this resource to plan your story, make your characters and get ready to make your own creative project.

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Game Design

Computer Games are exciting and interactive but how do you start to make one?  You may have thought about a game you would love to play but never seen in the shops - this tool will help organise your ideas into a prototype for a real game.

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Comic Design

Want to know how to tell a story in pictures? Then here’s the tool for you. Work through the series of questions and come up with your very own 6 panel comic!

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