Welcome back to Abertay

We're looking forward to seeing you again at the start of the academic year. And don't forget to read our regular email updates before you arrive.


Returning to Abertay

There are some important tasks you need to complete before the start of the new academic year.

Re-register as a student

Re-registering online is a crucial part of returning to study at Abertay. Until you re-register, you can’t access any of our services or attend any lectures.

It’s an online process that requires you to confirm your personal details, check your course information and, if applicable, pay your tuition fees.

The Registry team at Abertay will send you an email with details and instructions in July.

Pay your tuition fees (if not from Scotland)

Students from other parts of the UK and from overseas are liable for tuition fees and can pay online before arrival.

For full details, see Tuition Fees.