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Sport and Exercise - leading to named routes

With the UK’s aspiration for sporting success on the world stage, together with the spotlight on the risks of inactivity upon health, it’s an exciting time to be part of a growing industry. This programme uniquely offers flexibility in the choice of your final named degree award.

Next Start Date: September

Degree type: BSc (Hons)

UCAS Code: C600 BSc/SE

Duration: 4 years (full-time)


Why choose this course?  

  • It offers the flexibility to follow personal interests by allowing you to make an informed decision at the end of the second year of study.
  • It offers extensive, work-based learning that will give you the opportunity to put theory into practice with valuable field experience.
  • It offers opportunities to gain coaching and/or industry qualifications, which will further enhance your employability.

This is an exciting time if you are interested in the academic study of the diverse topics associated with sport and exercise.  As a growing industry, sport and exercise incorporates scientific support, coaching, service provision, and consumerism, as well as personal and community development.  Our courses have been designed to reflect this diverse and changing employment market.  

At Abertay you can choose from a range of study programmes that address, among others, the physiology and psychology of performance, the science of training practices, the development and social impact of sport and exercise, and the evaluation and analysis of sports performance.  The course provides you with topical information, an ability to translate theory to practice, and the opportunity to gain relevant employment experience within the industry, while still providing you with the flexibility to follow your own interests. 

In the first two years you will follow a core curriculum that provides a basis for more specialised study in the final two years. At the end of the second year of study you will choose a route leading to BSc (Hons) in one of the following specific named awards:

  • BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science 
  • BSc (Hons) Physical Activity and Health 
  • BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise 
  • BSc (Hons) Sports Development and Coaching
  • BSc (Hons) Strength and Conditioning

What you study

In the early years of the course you will study the sciences that underpin sport, namely physiology, psychology and biomechanics, as well as studying social policy and sport development.  Practical activities and work placements will enable you to contextualise theory to real life applications - including volunteering with the Active Schools programme - and work towards National Governing Body, or industry qualifications. 

In the later years, the pattern of study will depend on the route chosen but, as an example, students following the sports coaching pathway will study motor control, skill acquisition, and teaching theory.  Students studying Physical Activity and Health will examine focus on social policy and practice, as well as examining the underpinning sciences of health.

Our students said:

 “The broad study in Years 1 and 2 allowed me to find out what sport and exercise was about before choosing my final degree-path. It allowed me to make an informed choice.”
Kirsty, England

 “The work placements gave me a real sense of what the real world was all about – it also helped make sense of my degree.”
John, Scotland

For more information on the course content, download the Programme information - BSc with Honours in Sport and Exercise

How you learn and are assessed

The course combines a variety of lectures, small group work, and practical activities. You also undertake work placements to reinforce the link between theory and practice. You will be encouraged to evaluate information and challenge commonly held ideas about sport and exercise, as well as being invited to research your own areas of interest and expertise. 

Assessment uses a combination of examination and course work to help you develop a variety of intellectual and practical skills such as being able to put forward a position based on evidence, or being able to discuss and promote ideas within a group.

Entry routes

Minimum Entrance Requirements

English and Maths: 
All applicants must have passes in English and Maths/Lifeskills Maths in one of the following: National 5 grade C or GCSE grade C/4

 ABBB; A Level BCC; Irish Highers H2H3H3H3;  International Baccalaureate 29 Points
Essential subjects: To include at least one of the following - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, PE‌ and Maths
BTEC Extended Diploma DMM Sport or Sport & Exercise Sciences
AHEAD - successful completion of the relevant stream of our AHEAD programme
SWAP - our Coming from College pages list approved SWAP courses

Advanced Higher: ABB (to include PE and Biology or Chemistry or Physics)
A Level: ABB (to include PE and Biology or Chemistry or Physics)
BTEC Extended Diploma - D*DD Sport or Sport & Exercise Sciences
HNC/HND - our Coming from College pages list approved HNC/HND courses

- our Coming from College pages list approved HND courses 

Not sure if you are eligible for entry?

If you have the potential and motivation to study at university, regardless of your background or personal circumstances, we welcome your application.

We know that some people have faced extra challenges before applying to university and that is why we consider the background in which your academic grades have been achieved when making an offer. 

If you expect to receive passes in 3 Scottish Highers (grades A-C) and have:

  • been in care, or
  • participated in a targeted aspiration-raising programme such as LIFT OFF, LEAPS, FOCUS West, or Aspire North
  • no family background of going to university, or
  • live in an area, or attend a school, where not many people go to university.

We encourage you to submit an application.

International Applicants
You must provide certified proof of your English language level (minimum requirements are listed here).  Our British Council accredited International English Foundation Course can help you reach that level or, if you would like further develop your academic English, Intensive English for Academic Purposes can help you achieve your full potential.

EU applicants:  Entry requirements can be found on our Europe pages.  Overseas (non-EU) applicants:  We're currently developing your country pages, so please email us details of your entry requirements.

Alternative Entrance Requirements
Please email us if you have other qualifications/experience not listed here.

Additional costs: small charge for some external awards, e.g. NGB Awards, First Aid Certificates etc.

Fees and scholarships

Fee Category Tuition Fees
Scholarships & Bursaries
Scottish and other EU students

Current fees

Other forms of support
English, Welsh and Northern Irish

Current fees

Bursaries & Scholarships
Overseas (non EU) students

Current fees

Overseas Scholarships

Fees shown are payable annually, and may be subject to increase each year.

Additional costs
Sport students have to cover the cost of the PVG scheme in order to be able to work with children and vulnerable adults (cost £59 for a new application, £19 for renewal).  They also have to purchase Abertay branded sports kit for use in practical sessions and placements.  The cost of the basic kit is £84. All costs stated are correct at April 2016. 

Further info

Career prospects

Graduates on this course will be well placed to work as sports development officers, high-performance coaches, scientific support specialists, outdoor instructors, fitness consultants, lifestyle managers, health promotion specialists, sports administrators, teachers, lecturers, physical activity leaders, or researchers. 

The broad range of studies in Years 1 and 2 will give you a solid foundation providing flexibility for your future career, while the emphasis on employability will allow you to experience the industry, and meet key individuals in order to make your mark before even finishing your studies.

Specialist facilities

You have access to our Human Performance Laboratory, with running, rowing, fitness testing and weights machines. You will also have opportunities to meet the numerous professional sportsmen and sportswomen who draw on the expertise of our lecturing staff within this facility.

Industry links

You will have the opportunity to develop links with various sports industries and work towards achieving awards through this. Work placements that are embedded in the curriculum are an integral part of this process.

Abertay staff have strong research links and many are members of professional societies. There are good links between Division of Sport and Exercise Science staff and industry, and many staff are also current practitioners.

Want to know more?

Student Recruitment Office
T:  +44 (0) 1382 308080
F:  +44 (0) 1382 308081

"The thought of coming from College into my degree year was a bit overwhelming but when I arrived all the staff were friendly and helpful."

John, Glasgow

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