Support for Living Costs

Scottish students can qualify for a bursary or loan up to a value of £7,625 per year to cover living costs. This financing is provided by SAAS.

Support for Living Costs

Student Loans and Bursaries (Scottish students only)

Students from Scotland can apply to the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) for a student loan or a bursary, plus any available supplementary grants or bursaries, to cover living costs (these loans, grants and bursaries are in addition to SAAS funding your tuition).

You will have to repay your loan when your earnings surpass £17,755 per year. You do not have to repay your bursary.

The value of your bursary or student loan is dependent on your household income.


Household income Bursary (per year) Loan (per year) Total
£0 to £18,999 £1,875 £5,750 £7,625
£19,000 to £23,999 £1,125 £5,750 £6,875
£24,000 to £33,999 £500 £5,750 £6,250
£34,000 and above £0 £4,750 £4,750

Applicants must apply online through the SAAS website by the appropriate deadline. Scottish students who do not wish, or are not eligible, to take out a Student Loan and who do not qualify for any other supplementary grants, are still required to complete the SAAS Application Form for tuition fees.

Additional funding

SAAS provides living cost grants to certain students, such as lone parents or those with dependants. You can read more information here.


Eligibility for a bursary or student loan from SAAS is dependent on household income. You can read more information here.

How to Apply 

You can apply for living cost support on the SAAS website.

Terms & Conditions 

All Scholarships are subject to Terms & Conditions

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