Seven steps to Abertay
Applying as an undergraduate

Applying to university is a big deal and we want to make the process easier for you. Here's what happens from submitting your application right through to registering at Abertay.

Before You Apply

Check the entry requirements: This is crucial. Before applying, make sure you read the specific entry requirements for the course you want to study. These are listed on each of our Undergraduate Course pages.

You apply through UCAS: Applications for full-time undergraduate study are made online through the Universities & Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS). This is the central admissions service for all universities in the UK. Register for a UCAS account and view step-by-step instructions on how to fill in your UCAS application.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Seven Steps from Application to Registration



1. Apply from 5 September to 15 January

You can apply through UCAS anytime from 5 September to 15 January.

To do this, select the 'Apply Now' link for the course you want to apply for on the Undergraduate course pages.

For us to equally consider your application, we need it by 15 Jan. Courses may close after that date.  Find out more about how to complete your application on the UCAS website.

Please leave as much time as you can, the night of 14 January is usually too late. UCAS need to contact your referee, so give them time to do that. And please don’t forget to let your referee know so they can prepare. We highly recommend that you apply before Christmas.  Find out more about how we consider your application here.

Once we receive your application from UCAS, we will send you an email acknowledgment. This is when we start to consider your application against the entry requirements listed on the course page.  We may need to ask for more details. For example, course-specific information like a portfolio or copies of certificates.

We may consider applications received after the deadline on an individual basis at our discretion. But we may not be able to.  Demand for many of our courses is high, and we cannot guarantee that late applications will be considered, or that the course will have any spaces left after 15 January.

Our best advice is to apply well before 15 January, and preferably before Christmas.

2. Offers are made by end of February

You need to login to your UCAS Track Account to see your offer(s).

We make most of our offers by the end of February, provided we have everything we need. You may receive an offer earlier than that. Some courses like computer arts and mental health nursing may take longer as more information is required.

There are three possible outcomes.

An unconditional offer – This means we’ve decided you’re already qualified for admission to the course you have chosen, and have offered you a unconditional place. Congratulations!

A conditional offer – We will admit you to the course, provided you achieve the grades and any other conditions before 31 August. The conditions will be clearly set out in your UCAS track account.

A rejection – We are unable to offer you a place on the course.

If you have made more than one application for different courses or universities, keeping checking your UCAS track account as it can take longer for your offers to appear.

Contact our Admissions team if you are unsure about the terms of your offer. We will try to help you if we can.

3. Accept or decline your offer via UCAS

You need to accept (or decline) your offer so you don't lose it. Check the UCAS site for your acceptance deadline.

Once you accept our offer, we will email you about start dates, accommodation, registration and so on.

You will also receive an IT account activation email. Please set up your account as soon as you receive it, as you’ll need this to apply for accommodation and register for University. Keep hold of the details as they are important.

4. Visit us on an Applicant Day

Applicant days are very useful.

This is where you can hear more about your specific course, take a campus tour, find out about areas like funding or accommodation, as well as meeting lecturers, current students and other staff.

5. Results - you have met or not met your offer conditions

a) You have accepted our offer and met the offer condition.

Congratulations! Your offer will be confirmed in your UCAS track account once we have received notification of your results. 

You may need to send us more evidence depending on the conditions of your offer, and the qualifications you get. This goes to the Admissions department. Please email scanned copies, along with your UCAS personal ID, to so we can identify you.

Once we have received everything we need, we will process your offer which will be in your UCAS track account.

Please activate your IT account if you haven’t done so already. This is so you can apply for accommodation and register for your course.

b) Not met your conditions?

Check your UCAS track account. You may want to consider applying through clearing for a different course. Or think about going to college if you haven't done so already.

6. Prepare for University - Registration part 1

In August you will receive various emails from us.

One will be inviting you to register for University. The first part of this is online.

The second part is a compulsory on-campus registration event during Freshers’ Week— you’ll need to bring along your qualifications. We will email you a timeslot for this.

Once you complete the online registration part, your personal timetable will be available in 24 hours. 

We'll also send you full details about your student accommodation (if you have applied) and what happens when you start, including where to go and what to do, together with Induction sessions and the all-important social events.

Depending on your course, you may need to bring or buy other things, like special equipment.

7. Freshers' Week on campus - Registration part 2

University starts in September.

You will need to bring your certificates along during Freshers' week, and complete the second on-campus part of the official registration process. You will have received an email with a timeslot and date for this in August.

Congratulations. Once you have registered online and in person, you are ready to begin your studies.

Welcome to Abertay University!

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