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Dr Lynn Wright

Role: Lecturer

Division: Division of Psychology

School/Department: School of Social & Health Sciences

Telephone Number: +44 (0)1382 308332



I have worked full time in the psychology division since 2005.  In 2005 I completed my PhD examining response style differences in left- and right-handers and i have continued to develop this research.  I completed my Post-graduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching in 2011 and in 2015 I became a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.  I was previously the Programme Leader for the MSc Psychology and am currently Programme Leader for BSc Psychology.


I teach Psychological Research Methods and statistics. I am module tutor for PSY303 - Psychological Research Methods 3 and PSY410 - Psychology Honours Project  I teach on PSY307 Applied Psychology and on the level 9 option module PSY308:Biological Influences on Behaviour in Humans and non-Humans

 I contribute towards GRS501 - the Graduate School Research Methods module.  

I am currently supervising one PhD student.


I am interested in many areas of biological, evolutionary and cognitive psychology.  My primary research interest is laterality (particularly handedness).  Other research interests include emotions (both emotional processing and identification of emotions); 2nd to 4th digit ratio (particularly on task performance); problem-solving (approaches towards novel problems, differences between manual and computerised problems); stress and anxiety; creativity and Behavioural Inhibition & Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory.

Research Degree Opportunities: I am willing to supervise students in any of these or related areas, and we offer the following research degrees: one-year MSc by Research, two-year MPhil or three-year PhD.  For more information please email  or telephone 01382 308332.


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I frequently peer review manuscripts for journals including Personality and Individual Differences and Laterality.

I have acted as an Action Editor for an edition of the Sage Open journal.  

Nominated for Student Led Teaching awards every year since 2010.  

Short-listed/runner up in 2010 for the Innovative Teaching Award and in 2011; 2012; 2015 and 2016 for the Outstanding Teacher Award.  In 2017 the Research Volunteer Scheme was short-listed at the Student Led Teaching Awards (Enhancing Student Opportunities).  

Co-ordinator of the Research Volunteer Scheme

I have been part of three funded ATLEF projects and have supervised a student led ATLEF project.

I am a mentor and trained assessor on the Going for Gold CPD scheme


I have been a STEM Ambassador for the past five years and have carried out demonstrations at both Dundee and Aberdeen Science festivals.  I have also judged a number of Science and Technology projects at the Big Bang Science Festival.

Below are some of my outreach workshops/articles/presentations:

Public Dissemination

Left or right-handed?  How it influences your politics.  The Guardian, February 2016. 

BBC Scotland Brainwaves radio programme on handedness. Broadcast January 2016  

Are left-handers more inhibited?  New Scientist.  November 2008.

Cautious Types.  Allure magazine.  March 2009.

Left-hand people 'more inhibited'  BBC Website.  November 2008.

The Hand Stand. Dundee Science Festival. October, 2009.

Lefties v righties: Does which hand we use affect our behaviour? Cafe Science Extra (14th April 2010) Sensation Dundee.

The Hand Stand. Aberdeen Science Festival. September, 2010.

The Face Base.  Dundee Science Festival.  October, 2010.



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