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Dr Becca Fennessy

Role: Lecturer

Division: Division of Science

School/Department: School of Science, Engineering & Tech

Telephone Number: +44 (0)1382 308522



Rebecca studied Chemistry with Forensic Science at the University of Huddersfield. After graduating in 2009 she carried out research within supramolecular chemistry under the supervision of Professor Craig Rice, within the same institution. After successful completion of her PhD (2013) she was a postdoctoral researcher for a brief period. In September 2014 she started a temporary academic post within the School of Applied Sciences at the University of Huddersfield as a Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry.

She joined the School of Science, Engineering and Technology at Abertay University in March 2016 as a Lecturer in Chemistry.


AHD011 Access to Science and Technology


FOR101 Foundations of Chemistry 1


FOR102 Foundations of Chemistry 2


FOR201 Advanced Chemical Processes


FOR305 Materials Investigation











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