Dr Salma ElSayed


School School of Design and Informatics

Department Division of Cybersecurity

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I am currently a lecturer in computer science with a particular interest in computer vision, Artificial Intelligence and affective computing. I lead on the delivery of lectures in Computing and AHEAD programmes and assist classes in Ethical Hacking and CGAD programmes.

I completed my undergraduate degree in computer science from Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences, Ain Shams University in Egypt. I became a teaching assistant for the same school in 2001 and did my masters there followed by my PhD in 2011.

I moved to Scotland in January 2017 when I joined Abertay as a lecturer for the School of Design and Informatics (SDI).

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I am module leader for

  • Application Design (CMP205): provide the student with the ability to review, develop, critically evaluate and implement designs in the contexts of object-oriented software and relational databases.
  • Access to Computing (AHD015): introduce fundamental computer science concepts including problem decomposition, algorithm development, engineering solutions.

I also co-deliver classes for

  • Artificial Intelligence (CMP304): provide the student with knowledge of how artificial intelligence techniques can be used effectively within an application environment to provide intelligence and/or the illusion of intelligence.
  • Data Structures and Algorithms 1 (CMP201): to familiarise students with the standard data structures and algorithms that underpin software design and development.
  • Data Structures and Algorithms 2 (CMP202): to develop computational and algorithmic thinking and show how data structures and algorithms are used efficiently in real-world applications.

Former teaching:

Prior to joining Abertay, I lead the design and delivery of some other modules: Introduction to Computers, Structured Programming, Object Oriented Programming, File Organization and Management, Programming in Logic for AI, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Game Design.


Research for my masters thesis focussed on active image authentication and watermarking. My PhD research investigated passive blind image forensics for tamper detection. I also supervised research in cloud computing, parallel computing, and augmented reality.

A few years back, after watching Big Hero 6, I started researching the use of emotions in technology. Currently, I’m investigating the use of affective computing and human emotions in games to create a more believable playing experience. I'm also interested in computer vision, image processing and forensics, AI, and affective computing applications.

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Peer reviewer for the IEEE Seventh International Conference on Intelligent Computing and Information Systems (ICICIS) 2015.
Peer reviewer for the South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE) Journal 2019.

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