Dr Rebecca Sharman


School School of Applied Sciences

Department Division of Psychology and Forensic Sciences

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+44 (0)1382 30 8097


My research focuses on visual perception and how our brains understand the visual world around us. I am interested in several different areas including:

  • How camouflage undermines the visual system.
  • How colour and luminance cues are combined.
  • The influence of colour on visual discomfort.
  • Whether playing video-games can make us better at other visual tasks.

In addition to these areas I have also done work on the perception of human locomotion and symmetry.

I am a peer-reviewer for Journal of Vision, Vision Research and Symmetry and an Editorial Board Member for Scientific Reports.

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I teach on and I am module lead for:

PSY101 - Intro to Psychology

PSY301 - Human Variability: Psychbiology & Behaviour

PSY406 - Brain and Behaviour

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