Dr Martin Zeilinger

Senior Lecturer

School School of Design and Informatics

Department Division of Games and Arts


I am currently Senior Lecturer in Computational Arts & Technology. My research interests include digital art, appropriation-based art practices, emerging technologies in relation to contemporary art (specifically fintech, AI, distributed computing), theories of cultural ownership and intellectual property, and various aspects of experimental video game culture.

In addition to research and tinkering with live coding and creative computing, I am involved in curatorial and activist projects. This includes the Toronto-based Vector Festival, which I have co-curated since 2014, and frequent collaborations with MoneyLab and Furtherfield. I am also a member of the curatorial collective for NEoN Festival here in Dundee.

After many years of living in Vienna, Toronto, and London, I'm glad to have landed in Dundee, with its exciting diversity of digital creative practitioners, and its beautiful surroundings perfect for cycling and hiking – two of my favorite things to do.

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I currently teach or co-teach Critical Studies (ART308), Game Studies and Criticism (DES104) and Innovation and Professional Practice (DES505).

I welcome supervision requests in all of my research areas, from students interested in following academic careers paths, developing their creative practice, or situating themselves in the Creative Industries.


I am currently co-supervising the following postgraduate students:

- Simon Strange (PhD, Abertay University, since 2019)

- Piyush Mann (PhD, Anglia Ruskin University, since 2017)

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Curatorial activities include Vector Festival (Toronto/CAN) and NEoN Festival (Dundee).


Education / Qualifications

- SSHRC Banting Postdoctoral Fellow (2011-2013, York University, Toronto/CAN)

- PhD in Comparative Literature (2004-2009, Univ. of Toronto, Toronto/CAN)

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