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I’m a Lecturer in Sociology, having joined Abertay from the University of York where I taught within the Department of Politics.

I completed my PhD in Social and Political Thought at the University of York in 2009.  I also hold a BA in Education, a BA in Sociology and an MA in Political Philosophy.

My research and teaching interests cut across themes in critical social and political theory, political sociology and economic sociology/global political economy. I’m the author of Castoriadis and Critical Theory: Crisis, Critique and Radical Alternatives (Palgrave, 2014).

I’ve previously received the ‘Outstanding Teacher Award’ (2014) and ‘Outstanding Lecturer of the Academic Year Award’ (2015) at the student-led Abertay Teaching Awards.

Dr Christos Memos is a Lecturer in Sociology at the Department of Sociology, University of Abertay Dundee.

Christos received his PhD in Social and Political Thought from the University of York in 2009.  He holds a BA in Education, a BA in Sociology and an MA in Political Philosophy from the University of York.

Before joining the School of Health & Social Sciences at Abertay in 2012, he taught at the Department of Politics, University of York (2006-2011).

In 2014, Christos was the recipient of the Student Led 'Outstanding Teacher Award' for the School of Social & Health Sciences.

In 2015, Christos was the Winner of the Student Led Teaching Award 'Outstanding Lecturer of the Academic Year 2014-5' for Abertay University. (After 271 nominations for 175 staff/groups across 7 awards)

He was also shortlisted for the category of ‘Best Feedback on Assessments’ and nominated  for the categories of  ‘Best Platform for Employability’, ‘Innovative Teaching’, ‘Outstanding Commitment to Student Welfare’ and ‘Most Inspirational Moment’.


Christos convenes and teaches the following modules:

Contemporary Social Theory (Two semesters, Module Convenor)
Human Rights (Module Convenor)
Work, Class and Global Economy (Module Convenor)
Classical Sociological Theory (Module Convenor)
Political Sociology

Social and Political Theory

Political Sociology

Economic Sociology



Authored Books:
Memos, C. (2014) Castoriadis and Critical Theory: Crisis, Critique and Radical Alternatives
Palgrave Macmillan (ISBN 9781137034458)


Articles in Refereed Journals:
Memos, C. (2013) ‘Axelos, Castoriadis, Papaioannou and Marx: Towards an Anti-critique’, Philosophy and Social Criticism, Vol. 39, No 10, pp. 1029-1047.

Memos, C. (2012) ‘Castoriadis on Althusser and the Crisis of Marxism’, Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy, Vol. 8, No 2, pp. 100-116.

Memos, C. (2012) ‘Anarchism and Council Communism on the Russian Revolution’, Anarchist Studies, Vol. 20, No 2, pp. 22-47.

Memos, C. (2012) ‘Crisis of Theory, Subversive Praxis and Dialectical Contradictions: Notes on Luxemburg and the Anti-capitalist Movement’, Critique, Vol. 40, No 3, pp. 405-421.

Memos, C. (2011) ‘Pannekoek and Castoriadis on the Question of Stalinism’, Critique, Vol. 39, No 4, pp. 525-544.

Memos, C. (2010) ‘Reconsidering the Marxist-Anarchist Controversy in and through Radical Praxis’, Theory in Action, International Journal of the Transformative Studies Institute, Special Issue: ‘Building Bridges Between Anarchism and Marxism’, Vol. 3, No 4, pp. 17-37.

Memos, C. (2010) ‘Neoliberalism, Identification Process and the Dialectics of Crisis’, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Vol. 34, No. 1, pp. 210-16.

Memos, C. (2009) ‘Grecia Diciembre 2008: Crisis, Revuelta y Esperanza’, Bajo el volcán,  Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, México, No. 14, pp. 55-80. [In Spanish]

Memos, C. (2009) ‘Greece December 2008: Dignified Rage, Insubordination and Militant Optimism’, Ephemera: Theory and Politics in Organization, Vol. 9, No. 3, pp. 219-233.

Memos, C. (2009) ‘For Marx and Marxism: An Interview with Kostas Axelos’, Thesis Eleven, No 98, pp. 129-139.

• [French Translation] ‘Kostas Axelos: ce qui n` adviendra plus’, Philosophie Magazine, No. 38, April 2010, pp. 60-65.

• Reprinted in French in Kostas Axelos, ‘Une Pensée á l`horizon de l` errance’, Encre Marine, 2015, pp. 75-81.

• [Greek Translation] ‘Για τον Μαρξ και τον Μαρξισμo. Μια Συνεντευξη του Αξελου στον Χρηστο Μεμο’, Αυγη , 21 February, 2010, pp. 30-2.

• [Turkish Translation] ‘Marx ve Marxsizm için : Kostas Axelos ile Bir Görüsme’, Anafor, No 3, 19 October 2012, pp. 25-32.

Memos, C. (2009) ‘Grecia Diciembre 2008: Crisis, Rebelión y Esperanza’, Herramienta, Web No 1, Argentina. [In Spanish]


Book Chapters:
Memos, C. (2015) ‘Castoriadis and Social Theory: From Marginalization to Canonization to Re-radicalization’ in Alex Law and Eric Royal Lybeck (eds) Sociological Amnesia: Cross-currents in Disciplinary History, Ashgate, pp. 181-196.

Memos, C. (2011) ‘A Generation of Greeks from Paris: Early Years and Political Context’ in Premat, Rosengren and Jollivet (eds), Destins d'exilés. Trois philosophes grecs à Paris: Kostas Axelos, Cornélius Castoriadis, Kostas Papaioannou, Éditions Le Manuscrit, Paris, pp. 19-43.

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