Division of Sociology

Head of Division: Jason Annetts

Sociology is the study of society and it explores how people think, act and organise themselves.

The study of sociology will provide you with a strong understanding of key sociological issues and debates including those on the changing nature of modern society, the impact that media has on our lives, crime and deviance in society, the construction of identity and nationhood, and the regulation of gender, sexuality and the body. Sociology provides the student with key skills and knowledge that are essential for making sense of the modern world.

The Division of Sociology has a well-established interest in criminological studies, media and cultural studies and political sociology. Members of the Division are active researching in these areas.

A degree in sociology provides you with the necessary practical skills and knowledge that many employers demand. Our graduates are well suited to occupations that require a good understanding of people and society, and may be ideal for those wishing to pursue a career in health and social care, journalism, local government and public administration, management, marketing, media and communications, public relations, police and probationary services, research and teaching. Our degrees also provide a solid foundation for any further postgraduate study.

The Division of Sociology offers: