26 May 2021

Abertay Academic’s new book makes pluralistic therapy accessible for trainees and practitioners alike

Abertay Academic’s new book makes Pluralistic therapy accessible for trainees and practitioners alike

The image shows Dr Kate Smith of Abertay wearing a black dress and green necklace.

A new book on pluralistic therapy by Abertay University lecturer academic Dr Kate Smith and Ani de la Prida is now available for pre-order.

The Pluralistic Primer, due to be published by PCCS books on the 8th of July, details the basics of pluralistic therapy as a counselling framework.

The pluralistic approach has its origins at Abertay and is taught on Abertay’s MSc in Counselling, the first UK university course to offer comprehensive training on the pluralistic framework for counselling and psychotherapy integration.

The book details the ways in which the therapy offers flexibility for client-centred practice.

Pluralistic therapy promotes equality between client and practitioner whilst valuing difference and promoting inclusivity in the field.

The method of working relies on the therapist to adapt their ways of working and draw on a range of methods to best suit their client’s needs and preferences.

In the Pluralistic Primer, Dr Kate Smith and Ani de la Prida summarise the principles, underpinning philosophy and key features of the approach.

They also consider research into pluralistic therapy and what It can look like in practice.

Dr Smith, Head of Division for Health Sciences, said: “This book is designed to give practitioners an overview of the pluralistic therapy framework and how it can be used in practice with their clients.

“I hope this book will become a key point of reference in the field for those using the approach in years to come.”

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