School of Applied Sciences

We work where industry and research meet to solve the big challenges that society faces.

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Applied Science mixes scientific knowledge with practical applications.  We will prepare you for employment through a practical, skills-based learning experience.  The School is a dynamic, exciting place to study.  Our staff are passionate and dedicated, and many have internationally recognised expertise.  

The four Divisions offer 19 undergraduate and four taught post-graduate courses with a clear vocational theme. Many of our subjects led REF2014 rankings for research intensity for modern Scottish universities.  Our accredited degrees are co-designed with industry, making them relevant to employers.

We reflect the University’s tenet of being ’rooted in the community’. This means close links with industry, the professions and local schools and colleges. Our staff influence policies on health, policing, education, and environmental practices nationally, and impact on developments in other areas. 

We have a vibrant body of research students engaged in industry-based projects. Because the excellent research resources are all based on one site, we have several groups working together on inter-disciplinary projects.

Our strong reputation for innovative teaching reflects today's employment needs.  We aim to give you a valuable qualification - combined with transferable skills - so you fulfil your ambitions.

Dean of School

Andrea Cameron

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School Divisions

There are four specialised divisions in this School:

Three people working in a food laboratory

Division of Engineering and Food Science

Inventive teaching and degree courses in civil and environmental engineering, and food, nutrition and health.

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Hospital environment - patient lying in bed and 4 Nursing staff standing around the bed

Division of Health Sciences

Make a difference to health and well-being by combining academic and practice-based learning, with the NHS, the voluntary and private sectors.

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Female taking notes whilst another female is talking

Division of Psychology and Forensic Sciences

Understand and analyse human behaviour in a friendly, supportive, and stimulating learning environment.

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Female working on an exercise bike - two other females spectating and taking notes

Division of Sport and Exercise Sciences

Learn about sport and exercise coaching, development and management, the social sciences of sport, as well as sport and exercise science.

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Rutendo Mhonda - BSc (Hons) Psychology and Counselling, Class of 2020
ABERTAY NEWS31/07/2020

Abertay graduate launches mental health awareness campaign for Black community

Rutendo Mhonda has created So We Glow

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Hospital environment - patient lying in bed and 4 Nursing staff standing around the bed
ABERTAY NEWS14/07/2020

BLOG: Abertay and nursing

Archivist Ruaraidh Wishart looks back at Abertay's impact in the world of nur...

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ABERTAY NEWS01/07/2020

Sports science testing for Carnoustie Golf Links youth project

Abertay's expertise in sports science brought in to benefit the Carnoustie Cr...

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ABERTAY NEWS23/06/2020

BLOG: International Women in Engineering Day 2020

Dr Rebecca Wade blogs on work to get more women into engineering

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Alberto Fiore at work in Abertay's food labs
ABERTAY NEWS16/06/2020

E-cigarette liquid breakthrough set to reduce toxic health impact

It follows extensive laboratory studies of the emissions from vaping and thei...

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A photo of India Lyall
ABERTAY NEWS03/06/2020

STUDENT BLOG: Values and Optimism in the Time of Covid

Mental Health Nursing student India Lyall talks mental health during a pandemic

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Vera Kempe
ABERTAY NEWS28/05/2020

Research finds exposure to dialect has no effect on literacy development

The study involved 400 adult volunteers

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A picture of Eduard Margarit
ABERTAY NEWS22/05/2020

BLOG: Accepting your needs, problems and resources during COVID-19

President of Abertay Psychology Society Eduard Margarit blogs on mental healt...

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A picture of Sheila Cunningham smiling
ABERTAY NEWS21/05/2020

'Self-referencing' study awarded grant of almost £500,000

The research will look at whether memory-boosting techniques benefit learning

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A selfie of Caroline Ford, in a nurses uniform with an Abertay University logo on her right. Caroline is also wearing an NHS Scotland lanyard arount their neck.
ABERTAY NEWS18/05/2020

BLOG: Working on the mental health front line of Covid-19

Mental Health Nursing student Caroline Ford is working at the State Hospital,...

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A photo of David Lavallee smiling
ABERTAY NEWS05/05/2020

Sport welfare resource launched as Covid-19 drives need for player support

The free resources aim to help sports groups meet their safeguarding obligati...

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ABERTAY NEWS24/04/2020

Mindfulness training linked to reduction in football injuries

Abertay research shows increased cognitive focus linked to lower injury rate

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