Residences information

What is en-suite accommodation?

A bedroom with private shower-room facilities: each en-suite room has its own shower, wash hand basin and WC. Around 40% of the rooms we have are en-suite.

What's the difference between each of the bedroom types in the Lyon Street Halls

  • Economy Room = Small single bedroom with single bed. This room has less floor space than the Standard room
  • Standard Room = Single bedroom with single bed.
  • Standard Plus = Single bedroom with single bed. This flat has a lounge area.
  • Bedsit = Self-contained flat with own bathroom, bedroom and kitchen
  • Premium Single Room = Large bedroom with double bed (for one person)
  • Premium Double Room = Double bedroom with double bed (for up to 2 people sharing)
  • Twin Room = Large bedroom with two single beds for 2 people to share.

How many people share the bathroom facilities in the standard (i.e. non-en-suite

This depends on the halls you are in. The mix varies between two to seven students sharing (don't worry though there are plenty of shower rooms and WCs for minimum queuing).

Is the accommodation single sex or mixed sex?

Lyon Street and Keiller Court are usually single sex as these have shared facilities in the flats, Meadowside Halls and Parker House can be either mixed sex or single sex as these rooms all have their own shower room. 

Is bedding supplied in university accommodation?

We don't supply you with bedding (this is the same for Parker House and Keiller Court). You can purchase your own once you arrive, or you can buy bedding from our online shop, which we will deliver to your room.

Are there any items I am not allowed to bring?

Unless specifically required, and recommended by the University's disability services, white goods, kitchen equipment, or other larger electronic items are not allowed in your room. The list of items not permitted includes fridges, freezers, tumble dryers, microwaves, toasters, kettles and heaters (this list is not exhaustive).

If you have a disability that requires additional equipment in your room (ie. a fridge for storing medication etc), please get in touch with us so we can discuss appropriate arrangements.

Do the halls have internet access?

Yes, hardwired and Wi-Fi internet access is available in halls.

Can I smoke in my residence?

No. Our residences are all strictly non-smoking. Any student caught smoking in any of the residences will be charged a fixed penalty and the cost to repair any smoke damage, along with disciplinary action.

When can I collect the keys to my room?

Keys for Meadowside and Lyon Street can be collected from the main University building on Bell Street, from the Saturday of the Arrivals weekend, between 10am and 4pm each day. If you are not able to collect your keys during these times please e-mail residences@abertay.ac.uk to discuss other arrangements. Parker House and Keiller Court arrange their own key collection times, please contact them for more information.

What if I arrive before the arrivals weekend?

Keys for Meadowside and Lyon Street cannot be collected prior to 10am on the Saturday of the key collection weekend. There are many guest houses in the Dundee area that may be able to accommodate you if you are arriving before the designated arrivals weekend.

What do the caretakers do?

Your Caretaker is your first point of contact if you have any general issues with your accommodation. If they are unable to help, they will be able to pass you on to someone who can. They are also responsible for the cleaning services, general maintenance and repairs within each hall.

What if I live in a University residence and need help out of office hours?

You should phone our 24-hour Campus Security on +44 (0)1382 308008 for help.

What should I do if I lose my key?

During office hours (Monday–Friday 9am–5pm) please contact the Residence Office on 01382 308049. If out with these times, call security on 01382 308008. Please note that non-emergency call outs may incur charges and any loss will result in a charge per key being raised against your account, however if you happen to find your keys and return the spare set to us we will remove the charge.

Personal requirements

What facilities are available for disabled students?

We have a limited number of flats which have been adapted to suit students with restricted mobility and we will do our best to adapt to meet your needs. However, there is no single solution to suit everyone. Please contact Student Services on advisory@abertay.ac.uk and a member of staff will be able to further inform you about how we can assist with your particular disability.

Do you have any services/facilities for students with mental health problems?

Please contact Student Services on advisory@abertay.ac.uk.

I have asthma. Can I be sure of having non-smoking accommodation?

Yes, all our residences are non-smoking.

What if I have a medical problem? Would I get priority?

We would try to give some priority to your application, and would do our best to help you find suitable accommodation. However, we are unable to offer you a cast-iron guarantee of accommodation. The University does have a number of rooms that are reserved for students who have additional support needs such as a medical condition or disability. 

Can I share a flat with my friend(s)?

When completing the Residences Application in OASIS tell us in the 'Special Needs/Comments' box that you wish to stay in the same flat as a friend, but due to availability we cannot guarantee that we will be able to fulfil your request.

Overseas students

How can I get a letter for visa purposes?

We have been assured by each of the British embassies that an accommodation confirmation letter is not needed for a visa application. If they insist upon a letter, you should ask them to confirm this to us by email on residences@abertay.ac.uk (confirming their fax number). We would then respond directly to them. The course offer letter should be sufficient for visa application purposes.

I am travelling from overseas. Will I be placed in a particular residence?

No, all nationalities are mixed in each of our residences. It's a great opportunity to meet people from around the world.

Accommodation application

I don't have internet access, how can I apply for accommodation?

Please phone us on +44 (0)1382 308049 and let us know. We'll then send you an accommodation form and information by post. Please note that the paper application will only be available once the online application is open and you have firmly accepted an offer to study with us.

Where can I find my username and password?

  • Username: Your username is your seven digit student number (this is your unique student number, which is on all communications sent to you by our Admissions department).
  • Password: Usually defaults to your date of birth and in the format DD/MM/YY

This will only work if you are an applicant/new student coming to Abertay.

What other information is required to process applications?

We need to know that you will definitely be studying at Abertay University before we can offer you accommodation. For new students, this confirmation is provided to us directly by UCAS when you confirm your offer to study.

When will I know I have secured accommodation?

You will receive an email from the Residences Office once your application has been received. You will then receive another email within seven days confirming availability and details of any offer. Keep an eye on your OASIS account in the meantime for any update. If you have any concerns, please email us or call +44 (0)1382 308049 to speak to a Residences Officer.

What do I need to do to accept my accommodation offer?

Those that hold a conditional firm offer of study will be given a provisional accommodation offer which will be confirmed once you have met the conditions of your offer. Those that hold an unconditional firm offer will be asked to accept it online via OASIS. Please note that you will need to make a rent prepayment (in pounds sterling) at the time of acceptance. The exact amount to be paid will be detailed in the offer. This can be paid online here.

Application offer

Does it matter if I don't reply to my offer of accommodation immediately?

Yes, it might. You only have 14 days from the date of offer in which to finally accept or decline your offer of accommodation. Places are limited and in great demand, particularly at the start of the academic year in September, which is why we can only give you a limited amount of time in which to accept.

If you don't accept within the specified time, the accommodation is very likely to be offered to another applicant, with no guarantee that you will receive another offer from us.

Where can I find a summary of the T&C applying to my accommodation/tenancy?

Please read your Student Residences Agreement (via OASIS).

What if I don't like what I have been offered?

We prefer students to give the accommodation they have been offered a reasonable trial. A transfer to other accommodation is usually possible once the semester is underway (from around late October), subject to availability of suitable places.

However, we find in the vast majority of cases that once students have been in their accommodation for a few weeks and got to know their neighbours or flatmates, they actually prefer to stay where they are.

If I don't like what I've been offered and reject it, will I get another offer?

If you reject your first offer you will be placed at the end of the waiting list and may not receive another offer. No guarantee can be given. If the reason you are rejecting your offer is because you have a special need which does not allow you to accept the offer, then you should contact the Residences Office.

Can I be released from my lease after a few weeks?

No, the lease is legally binding for the 40, 43 (Parker House only), 44 (Keiller Court) or 51 week period (as applicable), which covers the Christmas and Easter breaks. However, if a student terminates their course (stops being a student), then the lease will also be terminated (a charge may be incurred when course termination or withdrawal occurs).

Please note the lease will not be cancelled if you reside in Parker House or Keiller Court until another student is found to take over your lease, and with the approval of the Parker House and Keiller Court Teams.

What happens if my application is unsuccessful?

We try to place as many students as possible and keep a waiting list if our residences are full. If you are unsuccessful we can provide information about local letting agents for private accommodation.

Is there any chance of a vacancy in the university accommodation after the...

Some times we may have one or two vacancies arise once the term has started, e.g. where a student has pulled out of the course. You should keep in touch with the Residences Office if you would like to be put onto a waiting list for accommodation.

What date can I get into my residence?

Arrivals weekend for people coming to University in September is Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd September 2018, 10am to 4pm both days. If you are arriving before these dates there are guest houses and hotels nearby that may be able to accommodate you. If you are arriving after these dates please contact us at residences@abertay.ac.uk to make arrangements.


Do I need to pay a deposit?

No, we do not take a deposit but you will have to make a prepayment of rent at the time of accepting your offer.

How much is the rent prepayment?

This depends on the halls you will be staying in and the length of time you will be staying with us. The exact amount will be detailed in your Student Residences Agreement.

When and how can I pay my initial rent prepayment?

You must pay within the 14 day lease acceptance period. The initial rent prepayment must be paid online here.

How much is the rent?

Please read your lease for the full rental breakdown, or you can look in our costs section for our full rent lists.

How do I pay the rent?

Rent for Lyon Street and Meadowside Halls, can be paid using either of the following methods:

  • Monthly by recurring debit/credit card payment (dates can be found in your lease)
  • In full, in advance (within 14 day acceptance period)

How do I set up a recurring card payment?

The monthly recurring debit/credit card information must be set up via the link sent to you by the Finance Team.

Can my parents/sponsor pay my rent?

Yes anyone can pay the prepayment, set up a recurring card payment, or pay online in full on your behalf via this link. All they need is your full name, student ID and date of birth.

How much discount will I get if I pay my rent in full?

2% will be discounted. The rent must be paid within the 14 day lease acceptance period for the discount to apply.

What is included in the rent?

Hot water, heating, lighting, portable appliance testing and insurance are all included in the cost of your rent. Internet access is also provided free of charge.

Returning student information

Can I get university accommodation after my first year?

Although not always possible, some times we offer a percentage of our residences to returning students, this is dependent on the number of new students coming to Abertay. Please email residences@abertay.ac.uk for information on current vacancies.

Do I get any priority for University accommodation after my first year?

No, unfortunately not. Although the Residences Office has approximately 500 bed spaces in University residences, we simply do not have a large enough housing stock to be able to promise University accommodation to students who are not first entrants.


What are the dates of the International Welcome Events?

For dates and other information about the International Welcome please contact the Support Enquiry Zone (01382 308833).

Can I get accommodation during the International Welcome Events?

Only if you have a booking with us for the academic year. If you don't have a booking with us you will need to arrange suitable guest house or hotel accommodation for the period.

Can I bring my own furniture?

No, this is not permitted (unless you can evidence a medical need for additional furniture).

Can I bring my pet with me?

There are no pets (assistance dogs excepted) allowed in any of the University residences.

Can I bring a car with me to Abertay?

There is no restriction on bringing a car to Abertay. However, parking is not provided on campus and there is only limited public parking available at Lyon Street. Parking is available at the council-run Bell Street multi-storey car park which is adjacent to the campus. 

Can I bring a bike with me to Abertay?

Yes. The University provides secure bike storage on campus and at most of the halls. We require bikes to be properly secured outdoors, in the designated areas at halls, so that fire escape routes are not blocked.

Do I need a TV licence?

Please visit the Tv Licencing website for full information. The University doesn't provide TV licence in halls.


How will anyone know if I don't have a TV Licence?

TV Licensing's database lists addresses that don't have a TV Licence, including university accommodation, and officers do visit unlicensed properties. To find out more about whether you require a licence, contact TV Licensing on 0300 790 6090 or visit the TV Licensing website.

Can you view private accommodation for me?

Unfortunately, this is not one of the services that we are able to offer to students. Everyone has his or her own criteria for what makes a great flat, therefore it is much better if you check out the options for yourself. The University makes no recommendations with regards to private landlords/companies. Student Services have some information available and the Shelter Scotland website has good advice on finding private accommodation to rent.

I'm in University accommodation. Do I have to clear my room at Christmas...

No. All residents in university accommodation have both the Christmas and spring vacations included within their tenancy agreement.

FAQs about Parker House

How can I apply for a room in Parker House or Keiller Court?

If you're a new student you should apply online via OASIS using your username and password.

  • Username: Your username is your seven digit student number (this is your unique student number, which is in all communications sent to you by our Admissions department).
  • Password: Usually defaulted to your date of birth in the format DD/MM/YY (postgraduate applicants excepted).

If your password doesn't work, click 'Forgotten Password' and follow the instructions. If you are still having problems please contact the Admissions Team.

We will then allocate you a room and pass your details to Parker House/Keiller Court who will in turn contact you with an offer and paperwork. The lease will be between you and Parker House/Keiller Court.

Returning students should apply directly onlineto Parker House/Keiller Court.

Will my lease be with Parker House/Keiller Court or Abertay University?

Whether you are a new or returning student, your lease will be with Parker House/Keiller Court, not the University.

Parker House/Keiller Court website shows all the rooms as full. Am I too late?

No. Their online information relates to the rooms they lease out directly. We have a large number of rooms set aside in both Parker House and Keiller Court for our new students. Apply through OASIS in the usual way.

What is the arrangement between Parker House/Keiller Court and the University?

Abertay University and Parker House, and Abertay University and Keiller Court have a contractual agreement through which a large number of rooms are reserved exclusively for our new students. The remaining rooms are let directly by Parker House/Keiller Court for students registered at any of Dundee's institutions of further or higher education.

Will I be sharing a room with other Abertay students or will I be mixed in...

Students allocated to rooms in the Abertay University flats will be sharing with other Abertay students. Returning students, who must apply directly to Parker House/Keiller Court, may be sharing a flat with students from other institutions.

How long will my lease be?

You can choose either a 43 or 51 week lease with Parker House or 44 weeks at Keiller Court.

How do I pay my rent?

Please see the Parker House and Keiller Court websites for full information.

Does the rent include utility bills?

Yes, the rent charge covers all electricity and water costs. It also includes your contents insurance cover. Please see Parker House and Keiller Court's websites for details.

If I want to move to another University residence, can I transfer?

No, unfortunately not. The lease with Parker House/Keiller Court is not transferable with an Abertay University lease. If you have any issues with your flat or flatmates, please speak to a member of staff in the Parker House/Keiller Court office.

Do I have to buy a TV licence?

Yes. It is the law that your flat should hold a valid TV licence. If you do not buy a valid TV licence you could be prosecuted and fined. You will also need a licence if you use your computer to watch television programmes. Each student will need a licence if they use a TV in their own study bedroom. Please go to the TV Licensing website for further information.

Will I be able to access the internet from my room?

Yes. There is a free broadband connection in each bedroom.

Can I smoke in my bedroom?

No. Smoking is strictly prohibited in every part of the buildings at all times. If you wish to smoke, cigarette bins are provided outside the building but within the secure perimeter of the complex. Please note that Abertay University has a strict no-smoking policy throughout the campus and all Halls of Residence.

Is there any car parking?

Contact Parker House/Keiller Court directly for information.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes. Please contact Parker House/Keiller Court for further information.

What types of rooms are available at Parker House and Keiller Court?

There are 3 room packages available to our students in Parker House:
Bronze en-suite, Silver en-suite and Platinum en-suite. Please see the Parker House webpage for further information.

For Keiller Court we have double rooms with shared shower rooms available. See Keiller Court's website for more information.

What fittings are included in the apartment?

  • Bedroom: Bed, bedside cabinet, over-bed light, pin board, desk, storage space, bookshelves, drawers
  • Kitchen/Lounge areas: TV, microwave, fridge freezer, toaster, kettle, hob/oven/extractor, iron and ironing board, dustpan/brush, mop/bucket, vacuum cleaner

What is not provided?

Bedding, crockery, cutlery, kitchen utensils, TV licence.

How many people will I share an apartment with?

Apartments have five or seven bedrooms so you will be sharing with another four or six students.

What happens if I wish to leave my flat part way through the tenancy term?

You can leave your accommodation at any time, however, you will remain liable for the full amount of  rent for the period of your lease, unless you can make an arrangement for another suitable student to take over your lease. This will require the formal signing of a contract between Parker House/Keiller Court and the other student before it will take effect.

What security provision is there at Parker House/Keiller Court?

Parker House and Keiller Court both include:

  • 24-hour security
  • CCTV system
  • Electronic fob entry system
  • Security door entry to each block with intercom
  • Bedroom door locks.

All windows have restricted opening for security and safety reasons. Students are also able to contact the University's Campus Security team.

Is there bicycle storage provided?

Yes, and it is free of charge.

Is there general maintenance provided?

Yes, the onsite management office will be able to resolve any maintenance issues you may have. They also have a 24-hour emergency service for any out of hours emergency issues.

Do you provide summer accommodation?

Please contact Parker House and Keiller Court direct for further information.

When and where can I collect the keys to my room?

You will be contacted prior to your arrival with a specified date and a time to collect your keys. If you are not able to collect your keys during these times please e-mail Parker House or Keiller Court to discuss other arrangements. Keys for your room in Parker House/Keiller Court can be collected directly from their  reception.