Degree Options

MSc by Research (main subject name); MA by Research (main subject name); LLM by Research (main subject name); MPhil; PhD:

– we list the appropriate ones.

Our Postgraduate Research Degree Programmes are flexible: students registered for MbR or MPhil can seek to transfer to PhD study.

Length of a programme for each for FT & PT – we need this information but improve the look of the information in the table below – maybe better in years and change the MbR to the appropriate MSc by Research, MA by Research or LLM by Research as identified specifically above

AWARD                                  MINIMUM (MONTHS)       EXPECTED (MONTHS)        MAXIMUM (MONTHS)

PhD full-time                                               24                                           36                                           48

MPhil full-time                                            12                                           24                                           36

MbR full-time                                              10                                           12                                           14

PhD part-time                                              48                                           72                                           96

MPhil part-time                                           24                                           48                                           72

MbR part-time                                             20                                           24                                           28

Our Postgraduate Research Degree Programmes are flexible: students can change from full-time to the part-time mode or vice versa if appropriate



Research Degree start dates are February, June and October of each year. Unless otherwise stated, deadlines for submitting a full application are:

  • Applications for February entry by 15 December (if you need a Student Visa then the deadline is 30 November)
  • Applications for June entry by 30 April (if you need a Student Visa then the deadline is 31 March)
  • Applications for October entry by 31 August (if you need a Student Visa then the deadline is 31 July)

An applicant can apply to defer from one entry point to another on one occasion; however, subsequent requests must be supported by an additional full application.

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