30 May 2023

Abertay Digital Graduate Show 2023: What’s On?

What you can expect to see at this year’s Abertay Digital Graduate Show!

Abertay Digital Graduate Show

Abertay Digital Graduate Show is back for 2023!

This show of final year student projects from the School of Design and Informatics has everything from concept art, character design and animation to 3D modelling, virtual/augmented reality and emerging tech.

Join us on campus 12pm - 4pm on June 2 and 3 to celebrate the achievement of our 2023 graduates from the School of Design and Informatics.

Immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic world

Graduate Show Artwork - Daniel Tolland

Daniel Tolland shares a 3D environment of an abandoned British cottage, set 30 years after an apocalyptic event wipes out half the world’s population. Scary theme, but fantastic work!

Course: Computer Arts


Meet Zmok, Anča and Čert!

Graduate Show Artwork - Laura Lukacova


This amazing project by Laura Lukacova focuses on 2D character design of three characters in a theoretical Cyberpunk game setting inspired by Slavic culture and folklore.

Course: Computer Arts


Game development meets accessibility

Graduate Show Artwork - Bridget Casey

Bridget Casey examines strategies to improve blind accessibility in graphical game development tools with the aim of creating a more inclusive future in gaming.

Course: Computer Games Technology


See the world through a new lens

Graduate Show Artwork - Liam Rutherford

This 3D visualiser by Liam Rutherford features the bedroom of a character suffering from psychosis with the goal of studying the room and developing an understanding of the owner.

It gives the user a glimpse of what the character deals with involving hallucinations, mystery and more.

Course: Game Design and Production


The River Cleanup

Joseph Mackle's Project

Who said learning about the environment couldn’t be fun?

This educational experience for kids aged 11-16 by Joseph Mackle aims to educate and entertain as they navigate the continents of the world, collect badges and explore issues such as recycling, preservation and river clean-up.

Course: Game Design and Production


A look inside an animator’s world

Graduate Show Artwork - Jaromir Stifter

Arachnophobes – you may want to sit this one out!

Jaromir Stifter investigates the use of automated rigging solutions and demonstrates the development of the automation pipeline.

Course: Computer Arts


Explore Chinese folklore inspired worlds

Graduate Show Artwork - Linda Vet

Through designing and producing Chinese folklore inspired 3D environment art, Linda Vet explores the representation of authentic Chinese cultural elements in fantasy game worlds.

Don’t give this immersive project a miss!

Course: Computer Arts


Introducing: The Blind God

Graduate Show Artwork - Paige Wilkie, Jack Teviotdale, James Conroy and Nikola Drousie

Paige Wilkie, Jack Teviotdale, James Conroy and Nikola Drousie worked together on this team project called The Blind God. This first-person shooter game has light deckbuilding mechanic, designed to be accessible to the visually impaired and to represent visual impairments to increase awareness.

An absolute must-see at ADGS 2023!

Courses: Computer Arts and Game Design and Production


When two worlds collide

Graduate Show Artwork - Zala Jamnik

In this futuristic blend of art and technology, Zala Jamnik bridges together the digital and physical worlds of gaming using 3D printing and QR code signature. Check it out!

Course: Computer Arts


Take a walk through a world of nostalgia

Graduate Show Artwork - Emily “Amelia” Wood

This nostalgia-inducing work by Emily “Amelia” Wood will transport you back in time as it tells narrative through spatial design and prop placement.

Another must-see at this year’s show!

Course: Game Design and Production


Exercise meets mobile gaming

Rhiannon Nash Project


Connecting exercise and technology, Rhiannon Nash encourages sedentary individuals to partake in regular exercise through gamification of mobile app design.

Getting up off the couch has never looked so fun!

Course: Game Design and Production


An eye-opening experience

Gavin Stewart Grad Show Project

Gavin Stewart’s project explores how to capture and enliven narratives of loss and grief by implementing narrative design techniques in this first-person, narrative-focused game.

Course: Game Design and Production


The future of inclusive support systems

“Oval” is an app prototype created by Alisha Qurban focused on creating an inclusive environment for anyone who suffers from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

Course: Computer Arts


A new way of solving crimes?

Emily Collins project


We think so. Through this game, Emily Collins explores whether video games could become beneficial tools in assisting with crime scene investigation training.

An innovative glimpse into the future of gaming and technology!

Course: Computer Arts


The Botanist’s Digest: Get your copy!

Graduate Show Artwork - Nicholas Morton

This typography and photography-based magazine by Nicholas Morton raises awareness of the physical and mental health benefits of having houseplants in your workspace and home.

Where do we subscribe?

Course: Computer Arts


Explore whimsical Scottish folklore

Graduate Show Artwork - Rachael Hogg

Calling all folklore fans! Prepare to be captivated by this enchantingly aesthetic short film by Rachael Hogg, depicting stories from Scottish folklore, highlighting the importance of preservation of the natural world and traditional folktales.

Course: Computer Arts


A critique of AI use in digital art and games design

Graduate Show Artwork - Mohin Hedge

Mohin Hegde has critiqued the potential uses of AI art generators as a tool for the games industry. It is vital that our students understand the rapid developments around AI and how it might impact the games industry and projects like this one are an important part of that learning process. (Note - Mohin's work went through our ethics approval process and these images were not submitted as his original art. Students are not permitted to submit images generated by AI as their own artwork and doing so would breach our academic misconduct rules.)

Course: Game Design and Production


Put your hands together…

David Sutherland’s 3D Printed glove

David Sutherland’s project takes the form of a 3D-printed VR glove. It allows you to feel the shape and texture of an object by combining two open-sourced projects; one that simulates the shape of an object, and one that allows users to feel simulations of surface texture.

Hands down one of the most exciting projects on show this year!

Course: Computer Game Applications Development


Haunting house tour

Graduate Show Artwork - Kat Savage

Come on in! Take a virtual tour of this unnerving yet alluring 3D vampire’s castle by Kat Savage. Spooktacular viewing!

Course: Computer Arts


Immersive learning to save lives

Graduate Show Artwork - Arjun Bhatnagar

Arjun Bhatnagar’s honours project is an attempt to find out if virtual reality techniques can be employed to train people in first aid and CPR to improve bystander response and help save lives in critical situations. Excellent work!

Course: Computer Game Applications Development

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