24 November 2021

Abertay solar panels project boosts sustainability goal

Abertay solar panels project boosts sustainability goal

Estates Manager Rab Smith

Abertay University today switched on a new bank of roof-mounted solar panels that will generate more than 60,000 kilowatt hours of carbon-free electricity every year.

Fixed to the roof of the University’s Kydd Building, the bank of around 250 photovoltaic (PV) solar panels will take full advantage of the high amount of sunshine hours available in Dundee – well known for being Scotland’s sunniest city.

Based on the US EPA Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator, the extra kilowatt hours generated are broadly equivalent to avoiding emissions that would be created by powering five homes for a full year, or charging more than three million smartphones.

The solar panels project has been led by Estates Manager Rab Smith and is just one element of a wider approach to promoting sustainability and tackling climate change which has seen the University’s carbon emissions cut by over 50% since 2009.

A new Environmental Sustainability Strategy based on UN Sustainable Development Goals is due to be approved next year.

Rab said: “I’m delighted we’ve been able to deliver this project which will have a significant impact on the University’s drive towards sustainability. Creating a more sustainable campus has been a top priority for many years and creative solutions like this, which make effective use of otherwise unused roof space, will play a key role as we continue our broad range of work in this area. With COP26 now behind us there’s a real onus on all institutions to play their part in tackling climate change and I know that the Abertay community is highly supportive of any initiatives or new ways of working that can contribute to reducing the University’s carbon footprint.”

Find out more about Abertay’s work on the Environment and Sustainability.


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