22 July 2021

Abertay developed PlayStation®VR Game 'YOU ARE BEING FOLLOWED' gets global release

Abertay developed PlayStation®VR Game 'YOU ARE BEING FOLLOWED' gets global release

The image shows the logo of the game YABF

YOU ARE BEING FOLLOWED was created by Abertay University graduate games studio Uncommon Chocolate, having started as a project from the Professional Masters in Games Development degree course with support from Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation®First academic programme.

The game, available exclusively on PlayStation®VR, employs an abstract art style and strong sound design to illustrate what the visually impaired protagonist imagines around her.

Based on an original concept created by BAFTA Young Game Designers award winner Nic Gordon, it shows the world from the perspective of Emma, a blind woman wrestling with the unknown helped only by her ageing guide dog, Samuel.

Abertay University graduate Naman Merchant led on the production process, taking full advantage of the PlayStation®First academic programme which enables higher education institutions to access PlayStation development tools.

He said: “On our course we were tasked with creating a prototype for a unique PSVR concept.

“As we became closer as a team, we decided to take the prototype further to try and create a game that we could publish exclusively on PlayStation.”

“None of our success would be possible without the support of Abertay University or PlayStation First.”

Abertay University lecturer Martin Lynagh, who supported the project, added: “I think the team at Uncommon Chocolate achieved something very special with You Are Being Followed.

“It’s a compelling and unique experience which showcases some of the very best work coming out of our Masters programme.

“It was a privilege working with the team to help shepherd the game through the publishing process and I think that the lessons we learned from that exercise will stand us in good stead when undertaking similar endeavours in the future.”

Luke Savage, Senior Academic Development Manager for Sony Interactive Entertainment said: “Abertay’s name is synonymous with excellence in games education and we are delighted to be continuing our partnership with the University on You Are Being Followed

"Seeing this on PlayStation VR is a true testament to the skills of the Uncommon Chocolate team at Abertay.”

YOU ARE BEING FOLLOWED is available for free on the European store and associated territories now and is scheduled for an American release in July.


* PlayStation is a registered trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

* PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 console, PlayStation VR, and PlayStation Camera are required to experience VR functionality.


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