21 April 2020

The show goes on(line) for Abertay Digital Graduate Show

The show goes on(line) for Abertay Digital Graduate Show

The Abertay Digital Graduate Show logo

The Abertay Digital Graduate Show is to be held on the internet for the first time in its history, after organisers decided the show must go on(line) despite the COVID-19 outbreak.

The unique show, which celebrates the final year achievements of students from Abertay University’s internationally-acclaimed School of Design and Informatics, attracts thousands of visitors each year.

King of the Drills

ABOVE: King of the Drills will be playable at the event

This year it will be held on a specially built online platform, with the opening on Friday May 15 accompanied by a series of live online events and streaming content from exhibitors.

The Abertay Digital Graduate Show will feature everything from videogames through to interactive experiences, short films and jaw-dropping art projects.

Clare Brennan

Show Curator Clare Brennan (pictured above), a Visual Arts lecturer at Abertay, said organisers had been determined to make sure the 2020 show went ahead in a new format.

She said: “The show gives students a fantastic platform to showcase their work, and we didn’t want that opportunity to disappear.

“In some ways, this online exhibition provides us with a wonderful opportunity to share the student’s work even more globally to new audiences.

The pandemic has meant that students have had to find new ways of working on project.

Clare added: “This has been a challenging time for everyone, but we have seen our students find ways of working together and supporting one another online.

“As people across the country, and indeed the world, stay at home we are hopeful that this show will represent a joyful moment and give students a sense of achievement, and the opportunity to demonstrate that they have managed to create something wonderful out of it all.”

Carla Begg

Computer Arts student Carla Begg (pictured above) will premiere her short film, Left Behind.

She said: “During these uncertain times Abertay has given students such as myself the chance to showcase projects we’ve worked extremely hard on this year.

“I’m really excited to share my film on this online platform with a worldwide audience, and to see their reactions.”


ABOVE: Concept art from Roykfern

Sound and Music for Games student Calum Robb will showcase point-and-click game Roykfern with his team Arrow Games.

He is excited by the new platform: “I love a challenge, and the idea of the degree show moving online is something different, and is a great opportunity for our work to be seen by people who may not have had the chance to attend the physical show.

“My team and I have worked so hard to make this game, and if we manage to inspire just one or two people then it’s absolutely paid off.”

The Abertay Digital Graduate Show 2020 begins on Friday May 15. For more information visit: https://www.abertay.ac.uk/visit/weave-by-abertay/abertay-digital-graduate-show

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