06 October 2020

STUDENT BLOG: From Finland to Dundee

STUDENT BLOG: From Finland to Dundee

Daniel Pukkila smiling

Daniel Pukkila is a Computer Arts student at Abertay. He has written about finding himself at University, after choosing to study to move from Finland to study here in Dundee. 

There are certain moments in an individual's life that help define who he will become. One of those instances, unparsable opportunities, is the entering of a university. Being able to study and learn, meet and acquaint oneself with different people, aids in the understanding of self. 

Going somewhere new is always frightening. Especially if it means moving to a different country, as it did for me. I won’t act brave and say I didn’t shed a few tears when departing from my family. Leaving the familiar behind means entering the unknown, but there may one flourish in ways he did not imagine before.

Prior to starting university, I had never been to the United Kingdom. In the two years I’ve lived in Scotland I’ve been able to see the lakes and mountains, the endless green that rolls forever on — the nature this magnificent place has to offer. And of course, enjoy some of the finest Scottish delicacies that originally did slightly startle me. I’m yet to grow tired of the many pubs, villages, and sights the land of lochs and legends has to offer.

Coming here was the best and most necessary decision I have ever made, for it allowed me to dive deep into my creativity and see what I am capable of. Abertay University is not only ranked as one of the best in the world for computer games, but it is a place where lectures and students care for one another. Collaboration is frequent which helps to push one out of their comfort zone.

I’m going to be honest and say that university isn't always easy. But struggle builds character and helps us discern the strengths that later serve us in life. It is important to live in the moment, for the present is all we have. If we look at our time in the classroom as a mere steppingstone to a job, we won’t be able to utilize our time proficiently and enjoy the moment. There is so much magnificence to be experienced here; meeting people who will broaden one’s perspective, discovering the beautiful city of Dundee, and overall living independently.

If I could say one thing to my past-self it would be, ‘Everything works out.’ There is no reason to worry, for as long as one is courageous enough to open the door and step out to the new world — fully embrace its wonder — he will be okay. During the years one is granted in university, he grows in unimaginable ways. I am not the same man as I was when I first enrolled. Inevitably I was forced to deal with matters I hadn’t before. one becomes an adult and when graduation comes and one is being handed their diploma, they can be certain in the fact that wherever they may walk, they will be alright and capable of facing any challenge headfirst.

After the night follows dawn. Being from a land far away, not perhaps being able to speak the language fluently or feeling utterly lost, goes away rather quickly — one adapts and finds their place. And soon enough you’re amazed at how you’re surrounded by people you consider closest to you. I have found a life I had not imagined before but one, I certainly would have wished for.

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