18 November 2019

Doting dogs give Abertay students a calming canine cuddle

Doting dogs give Abertay students a calming canine cuddle

Amber the boxer with student Ana Tozer

Students at Abertay University have enjoyed some canine cuddles as part of a programme to reduce exam stress.

Dogs from Canine Concern Scotland’s ‘Paws against stress’ initiative visited the University Library this week to give students a much-deserved break from their studies.

Almost 200 people signed up to meet the eight loveable pups, including Belle the collie, Amber the boxer and Penny the Golden Labrador.

With essay deadlines approaching and exams on the horizon students welcomed the chance to play with the dogs.

19-year-old Ana Tozer, who studies Marketing and Business, said: “I’m really glad that the university is part of a programme like this. The atmosphere was lovely, and it was so nice and relaxing to pet the dogs and interact with their owners.

“It definitely takes your mind off any worries you have. You end up focussing on the dogs and enjoying their cuddles and company.”

Tom Miller from the Dundee and Angus branch of Canine Concern Scotland added: “The dogs all love doing this. They all know and love one another, and they love the attention from the students!

“Most of the pets here have experience of working with students, and they also do things like visit nursing homes and residential homes. Some of the more experienced animals even visit schoolchildren. They just spread joy and happiness.”

Last year the event, which has been taking place for the last two years, raised £175 for Canine Concern Scotland through voluntary donations.

Olivia Graham from the University Library’s Support Enquiry Zone organised the event. She said it had proved extremely effective: “A lot of students have dogs back home and really miss them, so this gives them a lot of comfort.

“It’s scientifically proven that dogs reduce stress levels and that’s one of the reasons we do this. We get a lot of interest in it and it makes the students really happy.”

To find out more about Abertay’s range of student support services, visit: https://www.abertay.ac.uk/life/student-support-and-services/

For more about Canine Concern Scotland, visit: https://www.canineconcernscotland.org.uk/

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