18 October 2017

River Tay viewing platform challenge for schools

River Tay viewing platform challenge for schools

The Scottish civil engineers of the future will create concept designs for a towering viewing platform that could offer scenic views of the River Tay, the new-look Dundee Waterfront and V&A Dundee.

Abertay University is challenging budding engineers from schools across Scotland to draw up blueprints for a structure which in theory would stand at least 15m high at the Tay Bridge car park in Newport, following strict design specifications.

While the platform won’t actually be constructed on site, the entries that show the most creativity and Civil Engineering potential will be built as scaled down prototypes at Abertay.

Professor David Blackwood, Head of the Division of Natural and Built Environment said he expected a high standard.

He added: “It has never been more important to gain direct experience when entering the Civil Engineering sector and that’s why Abertay is the only university in Scotland to offer a guaranteed work placement for every student.

“We are immensely proud of our links with Scottish schools and this competition is a great opportunity for that young talent to hook up with Scotland’s top university for civil engineering.”

The footprint of the structure must not exceed 8m x 8m, while the viewing platform must have a minimum height of 15m.

According to the specification, the design must allow Dundee Waterfront to be seen clearly and there is no restriction on maximum height.

Above 8m, the boundaries of the platform must be no larger than 30m x 30m but must have a minimum diameter of 25m.

The Civil Engineering Design Competition for Scottish Schools is open to groups of pupils in S4, S5 and S6.

Shortlisted finalists will use a plywood base, balsa wood sticks, string, papers and glue to make their prototype platforms.

Teams must submit a 90-second video clip explaining their design along with illustrations, and some text outlining the proposal.

The deadline for teams to sign up is Friday October 27 and concept submissions must be in by 5pm on Friday December 15.

For more information visit www.abertay.ac.uk/civil-engineering-for-scottish-schools or email Lauren Smith at Abertay University at l.smith@aberay.ac.uk  

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