30 June 2017

Review of cladding system

Review of cladding system

As part of our continuing investigations into the various concerns with cladding systems that have been raised following the tragic events at Grenfell Tower, Abertay University has now completed a full review of all our buildings.

Following discussions with suppliers after an initial review, we have now identified one area of cladding to our Kydd Building which includes an aluminium composite material.

The affected area is the east elevation of the Kydd Building, which is the grey cladding that faces into the Baxter Building car park.

Further investigations and testing are now underway to establish if the product used within this cladding is of concern and the results of that will determine subsequent actions.

In the interim, to ensure the safety of building occupants, the University has carried out a thorough review of our fire risk assessments in the affected building and have received advice and guidance from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service locally to confirm some additional precautions for our fire safety management plan and evacuations procedures, such as relocating the bin stores.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service are in agreement that with these additional measures, together with the already cautious approach to fire safety at the University, we can continue to operate safely from the building until we are in a position to determine any remedial measures that may be necessary for the longer term.


- The University operates an evacuation on fire alarm activation policy, meaning buildings are emptied as soon as possible in the event of an activation

- The Kydd Building has a centralised fire alarm system and extensive fire detection is part of that system

- The area where aluminium composite materials are installed was re-clad in 2010 and full Building Standards approvals are in place for the project

- The fire safety aspects of design were considered in great detail at the time of the project and there are extensive fire safety measures built in to the overall cladding system

- The University is very grateful to Fire Scotland for their quick response and pro-active support  

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