30 August 2017

Prof Reid receives Medal of Honour

Prof Reid receives Medal of Honour


The head of Abertay University’s Dundee Business School has been presented with the Scottish Economic Society’s Medal of Honour.

Professor Gavin Reid received the honour for his ‘contributions to economics in Scotland’ and was awarded the prize during a ceremony at Abertay.

Society President Professor Matthias Klaes travelled to Dundee to personally present the Medal.

He said: “It is my great pleasure to award today, on behalf of the Scottish Economic Society, its Medal of Honour to Professor Gavin Reid for his contributions to economics in Scotland.

“Professor Reid has been active in the Society over many years and in a number of significant roles.

“He has served on the editorial board of the Society’s learned journal, the Scottish Journal of Political Economy, which for over sixty years now has been an internationally recognised platform for economic research in Scotland.

“As member of Council he has helped shape the fortunes of the Society for twelve years.

“As President of the Society, he has offered vision and leadership.

“All these duties he performed in honorary capacity and alongside his many academic obligations as professor of economics, head of an influential research centre at the University of St Andrews, and wide-ranging policy work.”

Prof Reid said it was a “privilege” to receive such recognition and thanked Prof Klaes for attending.

Prof Reid began attending at the Society's Annual Conference in the 1970s and by the 1980s was running the event.

He is a former Chair of Economics at St Andrews University and previously held the role of President of the Scottish Economics Society (1999 -2002).  

Caption L-R: Sheena Stewart (Abertay University Secretary), Prof Matthias Klaes (Scottish Economic Society President), Prof Gavin Reid (Head of Dundee Business School) and Prof Steve Olivier (Abertay University Deputy

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