14 February 2017

Global kissing study launched on Valentine's Day

Global kissing study launched on Valentine's Day

How important is kissing to you and what do you think makes a good kiss?

In time for Valentine’s Day, these are just some of the questions that will be posed to participants in a new global Abertay University psychology study looking at how we express ourselves in close relationships.

The survey from Dr Christopher Watkins is now live and he wants people across the world to share their thoughts.

Participants will take part in an anonymous online questionnaire examining three forms of romantic expression, including:

Dr Watkins said, 'This area of science is still relatively new.

'Anyone 18 years or older can take part in the study, regardless of whether they are currently in a relationship.

'This work will provide insight into factors that are important to wellbeing in close relationships.'

The 10-15 minute study is available online and can be found at www.relationship-lab.com/romanticexpression.html

Participants can complete it privately and in their own time, and the front page of the task provides further information before they decide whether to take part.

Foreign language versions of the task will also be posted on the website.

Dr Watkins is a Lecturer in Psychology at Abertay who is interested in human mate choice and romantic attraction.

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