21 September 2017

Brexit security issues pinpointed in new book

Brexit security issues pinpointed in new book

A new academic book focusing on European security issues in the context of Brexit has been published by Abertay University law experts.

EU lawyer Dr Maria O’Neill and former Head of Abertay’s Division of Law Ken Swinton edited the publication which is a collection of papers from academics across Europe, covering a wide range of topics.

Examining areas such as the protection of critical infrastructure and environmental crime, the book offers insight from a range of interdisciplinary perspectives, including law, geography and politics.

Titled ‘Challenges and Critiques of the EU Internal Security Strategy – Rights, Power and Security,’ the book covers many subjects that will become important as Brexit negotiations unfold.

These include justice, human rights violations in immigration enforcement, cybersecurity, the framework of Europol, use of personal data and ship-source pollution.

Dr O’Neill, who is a lecturer with Abertay's Dundee Business School, said: “The EU Internal Security Strategy is becoming increasingly complex as it develops over time, as it has to operate against the background of growing diversity in law enforcement systems across EU member states.

“It is clear that the strategy is, and will continue to be for a long time, a work in progress, not only in its aim to address traditional transnational security threats, but also in reacting to emerging concerns either in new crime areas or issues arising from the implementation of earlier phases of the strategy.

“This will be a subject matter for many academic discipline areas for some time to come.”

The book is available from Cambridge Scholars Publishing http://www.cambridgescholars.com/challenges-and-critiques-of-the-eu-internal-security-strategy

Dr Maria O’Neill is an EU lawyer, specialising in the EU’s provisions on police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters.

She is the coordinator of the University Association for Contemporary European Studies’ collaborative research network, Policing and European Studies.

She has published a number of books in this area, including The Evolving EU Counter-Terrorism Legal Framework, published by Routledge.

Ken Swinton is a qualified solicitor, legal academic and editor of a number of Scottish-based law publications, including the Scottish Law Gazette, and he specialises in financial services law and the proceeds of crime.

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