29 August 2017

Academic appointed to global warming solutions role

Academic appointed to global warming solutions role

An Abertay University engineering expert has been appointed to a key position for an important Scottish scientific alliance tasked with combating global warming.

Dr Ehsan Jorat will take up a new role with the Scottish Alliance for Geoscience, Environment & Society (SAGES), which held a high level forum on global water crises at Abertay earlier this year.

Acting as as co-leader for the theme ‘Carbon & Biogeochemical Cycles: Sustaining Life,’ Dr Jorat will work with a large cross-section of scientists in Scotland and will play a pivotal role in decision making on funding for projects under SAGES control.

The work will explore questions relating to how Planet Earth deals with carbon, studying the carbon cycle at scales varying from microbes to the globe as a whole.

Scientists will be using varied data collection techniques, from ground-based laboratory measurements to global-scale satellite observations.

The team will also pioneer the use of an airborne platform, the Dimona Eco aircraft, to help bridge the gap between the two scales, measuring greenhouse gases and the processes of gas exchange.

Working in tandem with fellow co-leader, Dr Philippa Ascough from the University of Glasgow, Dr Jorat will gain an in-depth knowledge about the breadth of activity within the theme area.

He said: “I’m delighted to have been selected to co-lead in this important area.

“Gaining a better understanding of carbon cycles is vital when it comes to addressing global warming challenges and only by collaborating through initiatives like SAGES will we make progress towards that goal.”

Dr Jorat is currently working as a lecturer in geotechnical engineering in the Division of Natural and Built Environment in the School of Science, Engineering and Technology, having formerly served as a research associate in geotechnical engineering at Newcastle University.

For more information visit https://www.abertay.ac.uk/discover/academic-schools/science-engineering-and-technology/divisionofnaturalandbuiltenvironment/

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