The Abertay Citizen Code

As members of the Abertay community, students are expected to play their part in creating a safe and welcoming environment, embracing diversity, and always treating everyone equitably, fairly, and with respect.

Whether on campus, online or on social media, it is important our students understand that they are responsible for their own personal behaviour and sign-up to the Abertay Citizen Code.


What is the Abertay Citizen Code?

The Abertay Citizen Code is an agreement between us as an institution and our student community to ensure everyone is aware of their responsibilities in creating an inclusive and welcoming University that treats everyone fairly and with respect.

Students are asked during online registration to agree to a number of principles, as outlined in our Codes of Student Discipline, which cover:

Academic conduct – promising to pursue academic studies with diligence, honesty and integrity, understanding and adhering to University policies on plagiarism, and freedom of expression.

Non-academic conduct – for example, taking positive action to prevent discrimination, respecting others’ boundaries and consent decisions, and generally acting as good ambassador for the University.

In return, members of the Abertay community have a right to feel safe and protected on campus, be seen and valued for who they are, and access support when they require it.


The Abertay Citizen Code in Full

As part of the Abertay Citizen Code you will agree:

  • To pursue your academic studies with diligence, honesty and integrity.
  • To help create an inclusive and welcoming University; treating everyone equitably and fairly.
  • To help to prevent discrimination by not tolerating, condoning or ignoring bullying or harassment of any kind. See Bystander Training e-module.
  • To respect others' boundaries and consent decisions (also see ‘Consent on Campus’ e-module).
  • To act as a good ambassador for the University when you are off-campus and interacting with both local and global communities.
  • Understand the Codes of Student Discipline (Academic Misconduct and Non-Academic Misconduct).
  • To recognise that rights to freedom of expression come with a shared responsibility to uphold and acknowledge the rights of others and may be limited in some circumstances.

And, as a member of the Abertay community, you have the right to:

  • Feel safe and supported.
  • Be valued for who you are.
  • Have and express academic, political or religious views that are different to others.
  • Be treated with equity, fairness, respect and consideration by all members of the University community.
  • Exercise your individual freedoms within the law and the scope of University policy.

The values set out in the Abertay Citizen Code apply whether you are on campus or online (including on social media – see University Guidance).

Remember, you are responsible for your personal behaviour.


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