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Graduate Outcomes in an annual survey that gathers insight into the status of graduates 15 months after finishing their studies.

It's delivered by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), and includes graduates from around 450 higher education institutions, one of which is Abertay University. 

As well as capturing general information about employment / further study status, the survey asks participants to reflect on how their education and education provider have directly contributed to where they are now.    

Why is the Graduate Outcomes survey important?

For Abertay and our students

Outcomes from the survey have the potential to impact current and future Abertay students directly.

Beneficially, it provides key information on the graduate labour market for each subject area, as well as highlighting further study opportunities that our students may have not considered.   

The survey results also help us evaluate our courses and student support services, identifying areas to enhance and improve based on real evidence.

For National Education

This survey helps charities, researchers, journalists and the government shape policy and make decisions in light of the responses. It helps them to gain a better understanding of the national higher education sector, as well as the graduate labour market, which can change year on year. 


Will I be asked to take part?

Yes. We’ll pass your contact details to HESA who run the survey. It’ll take about 10 minutes to complete online, or slightly longer if you choose to complete the survey by phone.

You’ll be contacted to take part 15 months after graduation:

  • For our 2020 summer graduates, this means September 2021

  • For our 2020 winter graduates, this means March 2022

  • For our 2021 summer graduates, this means September 2022

  • For our 2021 winter graduates, this means March 2023

In the meantime, please make sure we have up to date contact details for you in Oasis. We’ll pass these ones to HESA.

It isn't compulsory to complete the survey, but we hope you understand and appreciate how useful this information will be to help shape future education across the UK. If you wish to opt-out of taking part, please email with this instruction, or let HESA know when they call you. 


Want to know more?

For more information about the survey, visit    

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