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Joining Abertay means becoming part of an institution with you at its heart.

We’re proud of the relationship between our awesome students and inspiring staff, and reckon it’s a big part of what makes Abertay so special. We’re a small university where the personal touch is key.

Our modern vision doesn’t just mean state-of-the-art facilities, although we do have lots of those! It allows us to prepare you for working in the modern world. With degrees evolving with the latest technologies and thinking, you'll leave us ready to take on anything thrown at you.

A big part of equipping you for life after university is to give you a taste of industry. Our courses have strong relationships with local, national and international organizations, and right from the word go, you'll be in close contact with them. Work placements, guest speakers and real-world projects all result in a confident, prepared and knowledgeable graduate.

Our degrees range in discipline from computer games and ethical hacking, through to business, psychology, engineering, sports and sciences.

We welcome students from all over the world through our doors. Over 60 countries are represented and this mix of cultures and nationalities makes the community here so special. More information for international students can be found here.

Games and Cyber Security

Abertay University is the world’s most experienced educator in computer games (an Abertay graduate created Grand Theft Auto). The prestigious Princeton Review has ranked Abertay as the number one university for computer games education in the UK and Europe for four years running.

Due to its world-renowned work in computer games, Abertay University is included in a list of the ‘UK’s 100 Best Breakthroughs of the Last Century’. The list of breakthroughs demonstrates how UK universities are at the forefront of important discoveries, innovations and social initiatives.

Abertay's games degrees have been designed to support the development of technical and creative skills, and to provide exciting opportunities to collaborate closely with industry, lecturers and students from across different disciplines to design and develop live game prototypes and innovative creative media.

Since launching the world’s first Ethical Hacking degree in 2006, Abertay has been at the forefront of new developments in cybersecurity, learning how to take a practical and offensive approach by deliberately breaking systems and circumventing security defenses.

“The more powerful and intelligent technology gets, games will become increasingly pervasive and involved in almost everything we do in our lives. The only thing you can safely predict is that Abertay graduates will be at the heart of all that and will be changing the world in ways we can’t yet imagine.”

Gregor White, Dean, School of Design and Informatics, Abertay University

“Globally, Abertay is the university most recognised for its undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses in Gaming. It attracts people from all over the world and these are the people we love to watch out for.”

Dave Jones, Creator of Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings



Dundee is a beautiful, thriving city located on the north bank of the stunning River Tay.

Its reputation as a culturally rich, welcoming and exciting part of Scotland is quickly spreading across the world.

The Wall Street Journal named Dundee as one of their top 10 places in the world to visit and lifestyle magazine, GQ, called it “Britain’s coolest little city”.

It’s the only UK city with UNESCO City of Design status – one of just 22 cities worldwide with this title - thanks to its varied contribution to video games, biomedical research and comics. It is the home of marmalade and even Aspirin.

The last few years has seen a major cultural renaissance in Dundee. It has become a hub for art and design, computer game development and biosciences. The V&A Museum of Design, opened in August 2018, is the jewel in a £1bn waterfront development which has brought new life the water’s edge. American broadcaster, CNN has affectionately dubbed it a “cultural comeback kid”.

Our graduates say:

"Abertay launched my career. Not only did I get a great education, but it was during an Abertay presentation that I made my first games industry connection. I made great friends at Abertay and many of my industry colleagues were graduates, too. The University brought me to Scotland, which now feels like my 'home away from home' whenever I visit."

John Pile Jr, Lead Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft, USA. Author of '2D Graphics Programming for Games'. John came to study with us from the US.

“Everything I knew about working in teams, leadership planning, presenting my work and giving direction was picked up from my experience at Abertay.”

Liam Wong, Art Director, Ubisoft Montreal. Liam went from graduate to Ubisoft’s youngest Art Director in two-and-a-half years.

“The lecturers had a lasting impact on me during my time at Abertay. They were always willing to talk and I think that’s really useful – knowing that you could go up to someone and ask questions.”

Jess Hider, Technical Designer, Rare Games Studio, England. Jess joined Rare after having worked on the legendary Mario franchise.

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