We are always looking for support to build on our strengths - and create different environments to help our students excel. There are some areas that core funding can't finance, and this is where we need your help.

Our Enterprise and Incubator Centre Bell Street Ventures was set up using a legacy from William Sword and funding from Santander Universities. Our funders provide financial support, advice and mentoring. 

We did this because over 27% of students currently run or plan to run a business whilst they are at university. Many run a business alongside their studies, and have plans to start them once they graduate.

These are exactly the kind of enthusiastic new entrepreneurs you can help.

Contact the Fundraising team to find out more, or to work with us.

Konglomerate Games: getting started @ Bell Street Ventures

Konglomerate Games is run by Jamie Bankhead. The Konglomerate team apply gamification techniques to medical problems. Archipelayo helps children with cystic fibrosis practice their breathing exercises in a fun and encouraging way.

Bell Street Ventures helped the company get started with business start-up workshops and introductions to industry and professional specialists.  Along the way they have won investment from the International Serious Play Awards and the Unloc Enterprise Challenge top prize of £10K.

'Bell Street Ventures has been invaluable to our growth at Konglomerate Games. The ongoing support we have received since graduating is incredibly useful.' Jamie Bankhead, CEO

Cybershell: a vital role in the start up journey

CyberShell, founded by Dr Tayyaba Nafees, combines software engineering and cybersecurity. The new code language communicates bad cybersecurity practices among software engineers.

Bell Street Ventures provided office space, business workshops, introductions to mentors and early stage funding opportunities. 

'Bell Street Ventures played a vital role in the CyberShell start-up journey. The mentorship and training helped us resolve Intellectual Property issues... and the (financial) help meant we hired a developer to build Proof of Concept.' Tayyaba Nafees, CyberShell CEO.
Dr Tayyaba Nafees, CyberShell CEO

Helping post graduate students: The Chancellor’s Fund

This Fund helps post graduate students with the extra costs that come with studying at a higher level. This is all thanks to a generous gift from Lord Cullen, our previous Chancellor.

With up to £5000 paid annually, it means  students can take part in activities that are related to their research, such as attending specialist conferences or working in collaboration with other universities.

Beneficiaries Martina and Ftepti tell their stories. 

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