Companies & Partnerships

The impact of giving can't be described in just pounds and pence.  It's in the thriving futures created for our students, and the successful partnerships we develop. 

Funding helps our graduates finish their degrees, and go on to forge fulfilling careers. But we rely heavily on the goodwill of companies who share our vision. We work to make sure your donation goes exactly where it is needed, and keep you up to date about the impact it's having. Once they graduate, the talented people you help will join the workforce.

It's a win-win situation for both business and students alike.

Contact the Fundraising team to find out more, or to work with us.

Ninja Kiwi & games talent

Ninja Kiwi are one of the world’s leading game developers. The company founders are both Abertay graduates and fund two game scholarships for students including a paid work placement. They are working with us to develop the future of games here in Dundee.

Ninja Kiwi have helped fund Bright Ideas, they are a sponsor of the 2021 Digital Graduate Show (see the 2020 Digital Graduate Show). They also share time and expertise with staff and mentor students. Watch the video to find out more.

'We can't think of a better way to give something back to a Dundee institution which has given us so much. Offering our way of hopefully giving young professionals a foothold in the game's industry.' David Hamilton, Executive Vice President, Ninja Kiwi

The Thorntons Partnership

Thorntons is one of the largest Scottish legal firms. The firm have supported our students in different ways for many years. It's a reciprocal partnership that keeps on growing.

Law students benefit from a scholarship that combines funding and career advice, giving them an edge in getting their first job after graduation. They have also learnt huge amounts from work placements.

They have sponsored events, give us practical advice, and donate an annual prize for the best student in the Property Law module. 

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Student Prizes and more

Many companies fund a prize to encourage the brightest students to excel. Here is just one example of a local company working closely with us.

Tayside Contracts, the largest catering provider in Tayside, give an annual prize of £250 to a second year Food and Consumer Science student.

The company has a great partnership with the University and we work closely with them. As an example, they provide work placements which have been a hugely positive experience for both parties. 

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