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Abertay to partner major cyber conference in London

23 December 2016

Abertay University is partnering in a major international cyber conference in London for the first time.

Lecturer Dr Xavier Bellekens is a co-chair of the Cyber Science 2017 event, which will take place in London in June.

The theme is ‘Cyber Situation Awareness as a Prism to Understanding Situations in a fast-paced CyberWorld’.

It is thought the event will attract around 150 attendees from industry and academia. Presentation talks will be given before panel sessions are held.

The event is part of a bigger colocation of four conferences – Cyber Situational Awareness 17, Cyber Incident 17, Social Media 17 and Cyber Security 17.

The event is organised by Dr Cyril Onwubiko and c-mric – the Centre for Multidisciplinary Research, Innovation and Collaboration.

Xavier spoke of the importance of Abertay’s involvement.

He said, ‘Situational awareness considers what users are aware of in their own environment. This conference covers such things as the cyber situational awareness of users towards “smart everything”.

‘Moreover, the collaboration between Abertay and c-mric is very welcome as it shows our combined leadership in Cyber Situational Awareness and Cyber Security.

‘This also fully aligns with the research interests of the Division of Computing and Mathematics as we have been doing research in Ethical Hacking, Computer Security and Privacy as well as Situational Awareness for a long time.’

The collocated conferences also cover important fields such as the Internet of Things, critical infrastructure protection, Malware analysis, trust and privacy and social media analytics.

Visit the conference website

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